see ya guys!!!

Angel Firefury

Site Founder
Just letting u all know i wont be on here anymore.
Sadly there is so many things in real life that i need to deal with but i have really enjoyed being on here and made so many great friends from all over the world..
Cya guys !!!

Misty Moonlight

Site Founder
Awww! You will be missed Angel, but I understand. Take Care!
It was a pleasure meeting you and maybe one day . . .you will find your way back.


Site Founder
Angel ... I wish we could help you somehow ... :sad1:
Finish what you need to do, and if you feel overwhelmed a little, come and check on us. It's been a pleasure knowing and joking around with you - I will miss that - and you will always be welcomed to come back and find your place among my good friends exactly like before you left it. See you later, Angel!