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So, I was doing my usual prove-people-wrong thing when I got the idea to get on my lv 7 and see really how hard it is for a lower level to sink some warships. I had the idea that it was really hard, nearly impossible. You tell me what you think of the difficulty level of these so-called 'warships' are.
And, now, The Hinterseas best warships in a showdown against this lv 7 light frigate! Please refrain from touching screenshots.


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Next time I will continue my journey and reach out my testing to include a feared Juggernaut. I also will try to find a Bountyhunter SOTL and a few other bountyhunters and include those in my tests. Please stay tuned to this thread for more updates, some including enemies/bosses.




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I think it all comes down to 'experience'. There is a big difference between a true first-timer level 7 pirate and the 2-nd or 3-rd or whatever # pirate of a 'mastered pirate'. By that, I mean, you have mastered some pirates previously, and this level 7 is not your first pirate. Not only having a master pirate, but playing for a long time (like me, I have 4 pirates and none of them are mastered yet, but two of them have mastered sailing), gives us the experience to fight those warships.

I, would take the challenge any day too, if anybody ever told me that it was kind of impossible to beat a warship with a lower level pirate, a lower class of ship and a lower level of sailing. So whoever threw that kind of challenge apparently had not learned from experience yet, that something like this is highly possible to accomplish. It's more of an individual skill to maneuver our small ship to avoid getting hit by warship's broadsides, being at the right spot on the right time (when the skill has charged) to fire back, perfect distance and position to take the most damage on our enemy, etc.

Anyways, I agree with you, Constance ... and it looks good how you've proven that other opinion wrong.

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i sunk the Storm Cutter or whatever it is called, that bounty hunter ship, alone on a war sloop xD
it misses SO MUCH Oo

(Oo = o.o)