Sharkfang Blade vs. Treachery's End

Which weapon do you think is better and why?

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Honorable Pirate
Sharkfang, more damage, more enemy damage within the radius of the swing, rank 2 weapon skill, plus critical damage and health boost. My opinion, use Sharkfang while looting. Use Treachery's End in voodoo pvp or mollusk battle. But it's your call not mine.


Digital Artist
I have sharkfang and used treachery on my friend's pirate... I would go with sharkfang too cuz i like freeze :3
I have to go Sharkfang, although I like both. The freeze and endurance boosts make the difference for me. I rarely need the voodoo assist of Treachery and although the dark curse does help it can not overcome the freeze on Sharkfang. I am happy to have each though, both are fun.