Ship Of The Line

Would you like the Ship of the Line to be available to everyone or just members?

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Jim Hexskull

Wiki Staff
Does anyone know if they are still gonna put the Ship of the Line from the Navy and EITC Treasure Fleets into the game for us pirates to purchase? I me self would love to have a big ship like that, and I know me fellow mates would too. Please post any information you know about it and a way for me to know it's legit mates. Fair winds Mates, and I'll see ye on the seas!

Bobby Flat Foot

Pirate Lord
Yes, they are planning to release the Ship of The Line (SOTL) and more to the game. On August 3, 2010 they accidentally released them onto test. People bought the new ships while they were on test. They were quickly removed on August 4, 2010. People on test today still have the SOTL they bought. Wouldn't be surprised if I saw one float by...


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I think it should be for everyone because basic people don't get much stuff.
P.S. I am unlimited


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It's been a lengthy discussion whether SOTL is going to come on live Potco or not. I'd say, don't expect too much, because it's considered a major overhaul for the entire game. If pirates could buy SOTL, then there have to be comparable enemy ships and so on; the effect will snowball, so it needs to have everything else added to accomodate the capability of purchasing a SOTL. Of course it only makes sense if everything 'big' needs membership. Potco is a business, that's how they make money. Basic and unlimited members both want SOTL, but come on, to actually 'buy', you have to pay on your part (I mean, paying for membership).

And I don't agree with no-limit on sailing level to be able to purchase SOTL. In order to 'purchase' a war frigate Potco needs a certain sailing level. Even more so to control a Ship of The Line. Just a common sense again. If you only want to 'drive' or 'get on' somebody's SOTL then you don't need any certain level or membership. Just like my baby pirates (on a different account); my main pirates let them drive a war frigate at sailing level 1. :D
this is how it was on test,
Cost: 200,000
Cargo:24 ( i think )
level needed to buy: no level is needed to buy iy ( thats right you can buy it at level one )
Colors: Originally Eitc and Navy colors but later changed to blue and brown colors
some of its cannons were glitched and you couldnt see to shoot them

Constance O'hara

Pirate Lord
I used to have a SOTL on test, but some family member got on my account and sold it -_- At least I now have 100,000 gold on Test! lol

Matthew Goldrage

Wanted Pirate
its for unlimited but however there is no level cap needed to buy it
well, on test :p
would be REALLY cool if they added it live. i keep hearing ppl say, oh yeah so and so said it will be out this month, this week, blah blah blah lol. i even heard it had firebrand broadsides xD
its the urban legend of potco:p