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On sunday on test, I was lucky enough to be on the SOTL in test. Keep in mind, the owner guy it before Potco Removed it from test Enjoy!

EDIT (Nov 30, 2010 10:39 PM):
This ship is huge! it has 24 cargo but only 12 mates can be on it. You can't repair on it.


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Word of advice the second the ship of the line comes out buy it just in case they decide to take it off the menu again.
Great screen shots! I had the pleasure of being able to sail on one as well a couple of months ago. I was really impressed... they have a lot of bugs to work out if its ever going to be released and I will be surprised if it ever does get out just because of its size... an ocean full of those would lay the sea empty so something big would have to change before hand I think. I am keeping my hopes up and my bank account maxed!
what tha???? u serious, thats all me gold , they will have to up the gold limit then for anyone to afford it

I dont think it would take that long at all to earn it back again in that kind of a ship. ... its well worth it even if its just a novelty thing for the most part. It would make a great guild ship though as long as they increase the amount of people it can hold. You could hold a whole guild meeting on it no problem.
a ship like that is worth every penny of the cost. i would sell me sole to have such a ship. most pirates have max gold anyway, so bring these new ships on!:arrrrr:
Wow! Very impressive! I might even sail if we they ever get to live! Maybe it would be harder to sink those ships so I would have a chance and not using those life vests? :p