Idea Ships that can drop cursed swords


Sailing loot is a little too good right now to do this, imo
Sailing loot is good but it is buggy some times with missing chest and items however, I do think it would be a cool idea to add boss ships that have a small chance to drop Cursed items as these items are the ones that end up getting used most in pvp and pve for swords


The loot could be rarer during sailing then it would be on land. Also, you wouldn't be able to get some of the new cursed legendaries that are available only through certain bosses.

But I agree with the loot drop rate. One time I got 5 famed weapons from one single run.

Robert Darkrage

Notorious Pirate
The loot received doesn't have to be via sailing type, more like loot drops on the ship from defeated enemies and at the end get a random container like from El Patron on the ship.