Siding With The Eitc

Captian Fear

Pirate Master
:ahoy:Hi there mates! Every hear pirates say they want to join the East India Trading Company? Well I have heard a lot and it's starting to become an epidemic.... or at least a nuiscense. My question is why do people do this? What advatages does it have? And is anyone else as fed up with for hearing this? Someone please answer my question because it's been driving me crazy!
Well, they are probably kidding around, joking that it sure would be fun to see the mind of the enemy, or something like that.
one of them joins the guild they achevie officer and then they delete the whole guild....
it happened to me before
xD.... I've been in The Co. Empire, United Empire, and now Benjamin Macmorgan started The Co Empire again. I don't know if it's the same thing your talking about.... I love it though.. :D
The more the better...
Aye, Captain, I've heard of this happening.. gm's need to be careful of who they promote.. suspect the people deleting guilds can be found playing ding dong ditch, strectching duct tape across roadways and looking for unlocked vehicles on the streets at night..
well things have changed a bit. in the old days a rouge officer could do a lot of damage to guild. but now days an officer can only boot 5 pirates per day and it shows in guild chat who got the boot. this makes it possable for others to ask what was the reasons for the boots and report it to the gm.