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You may have noticed while viewing a thread some signatures were more visible than the original thread, itself..

Recently we have been talking about signatures restrictions, as some members started abusing the signatures including creating one page long signatures, wallpaper signature, etc. This disrupts and distracts the readers from the original intent, and makes it difficult to read through posts. It also consumes more system resources to load long signatures.

It is our intention to add a dimension limit in the near future. And I would like anyone who's signatures dimension higher height than 200px please edit your signatures and make sure they are approximately 200px or less in height.

We wanted to announce this ahead of time so that anyone using long signatures can take note.

We may add a restriction which will simply cut off any parts of the signatures that over pass the desired 200px height max limit.

Signatures that dramatically seem to over-abused.

Please also keep your signatures free of large flashing objects, videos, or the like.

Large flashing images, huge signature will be removed and replace with this:

"Signature has been removed due to violation of the rules."

If you are found abusing the signatures, you maybe receive a notice, multiple times violations can lead warnings, and that goes into your record. Also can lead to further restrictions for your signature, including having the ability to use signature altogether, or removal of signature privileges.

I thank you for your attention, and feel free to express any concerns.

As we try to find a reasonable approach to this, please keep in mind the the guideline above may be subject to change.
k could are all the signatures supposed to be the size yours is? Just wanted clarification.
No, there is no official size for it, but we recommend smaller than the image below:

Please note that there is not official size just yet, and the above symbolic size may change. As we have been talking about different sizes but don't want to rush any decisions that can effect everyone, and we want to make sure it is a reasonable enough and flexible, but that also help us weed out the abuse.
IMO I think 150 pixels in height is ok. But in the end, i have no problem changing my sig to any size that is decided.
Can we have animated smiles in our signatures?
Yes, as long they are not "annoying" or too much of a "distraction". Like some animated images that hurt the eyes if you look them for too long, etc. The smiles provided here on the forums are acceptable. Just third party flashing objects, I suggest ask an admin or a mod about it to see of certain graphics might cause a problem. There are things that hurt the eyes if you look at it for 10 seconds, we obviously don't need that.

If "excessive" flashing objects are found, they maybe removed, and a noticed be sent. If it is easy on the eyes and is not much of a distraction, it could be approved.

I believe a way to measure if an object is excessively annoying is by the speed it moves, and the colors, etc. Just look at it for a minute, and you decide if it hurts the eye or not. Shouldn't be that difficult to determine. However we reserve the right to approve or deny signatures based on related factors. If you just stick with an static image ( not moving) that is even better, as it does not involves much evaluation.
Ok, I have a question. I think its my computer, maybe need to update something.
When I'm here in the forum on my desktop, my signature and other members, like your Treasurer, show us as a small box with a red x and
. Lol it showed up in the post.
Your new rules are definitely reasonable, IMO. 200px is plenty for a limit on signature size. Most forums have it in the 150-200px range. Now I just gotta make one lol.

This is like a foreign language to someone who has no idea how to use a computer beyond the usuall knowledge! ROFL! That said....can anyone gimme a quick blip on how to creat a sig? Thx. :D
Um i received a notice even through when i measure mine it said 149 pixel this is the national measurement. I reduced mine even through i didnt do anything. :confused: I got to say these restrictions are responsible and need to be here. But, be warned I wouldn't get carried away with them.
I have a question, I read that links to none Disney affiliated sites is not allowed, in my signature there is a link (Not an actual "Link" but simply the URL) to the site that made it. Is that breaking the rules? If so I can easily delete it.
I have a question, I read that links to none Disney affiliated sites is not allowed, in my signature there is a link (Not an actual "Link" but simply the URL) to the site that made it. Is that breaking the rules? If so I can easily delete it.
Not at all mate, the link only shows the place where you created the signature and nothing else. As long as that link does not contain inappropriate content, it is ok.
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