Site Update 1/13

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A site update has been completed.

  • "Lightbox" added
    • Multiple images/screenshots in a post will now display alongside each other in a new navigational interface. (This functionality will be improved in a future update)
  • Inline message editor
    • Editing a post is now done in an overlay instead of on a separate page
  • You may now report Personal Conversation messages
    • Please note this is the only time any staff member will ever be able to read your personal conversations, and that they will only be able to read the reported message, not the entire conversation.
  • You may now "Like" Pirates
    • Commenting and a directory (list) of Pirates is coming soon
  • Smilie selector changes
    • We have gone back to the old system for selecting smilies, though it has been improved to handle more smilies better. The dropdown may return in a future update.
  • You may now choose to display your birth year (and therefore age) in your preferences
    • It is hidden by default
  • Minor changes to the login bar
  • You may now disable the advanced posting interface if need be
  • Misc. small style improvments
  • Other misc. bug fixes
If you notice anything out of place or any other bugs, send me a personal conversation here.
Liking posts had inadvertently been disabled after the update, it has since been restored.

Additionally, you may now add your location, occupation, and website to your profile. When updating these items, the recent activity area in the sidebar will show blank updates. This will be fixed tomorrow.
Not open for further replies.