Site Update 12/10

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A site update has been completed.

  • Changes to insert all image buttons
    • Now only displays with multiple picture attachments
    • Removes itself properly
  • Enhancements to attachments
    • You will now receive alerts when someone attaches a file to a watched thread
    • Attachments now appear in the Recent Activity streams
      • Will temporarily show a blank spot on the sidebar list, a fix for that is coming tomorrow
  • Login form has been changed to make better use of space
  • Several style regressions from last week's update have been corrected
  • A "Forgot your password?" link has been added to the login form
  • The profile page has been slightly updated
  • Other small bug fixes and improvments
If you notice anything out of place or any other bugs, send me a personal conversation here.
Not open for further replies.