So how do you rate the potc:ost movie? :Poll: NO SPOİLERS JUST A POLL

So how do you rate the potc:ost movie?

  • C:it was lower than its sisters yet i had great fun

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  • D:umm it was not so much on my mind i watched the movie but i dont call it potc bcuz its jist too (n

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  • F:(sorry no E) it was awful the worse potc movie and i want my money back

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Cap'ain Valentine

Wanted Pirate
Umm.... i guess that title explains it all simple question
PS:if you havent watched it YET please do not vote its unfair for the final results
And tell us why you rated it like that EG: coz orlando bloom and kiera nightly wasnt there , the story was good ,the mermaids were CUTE *__*, the story was not so good...and so on


I want mermaids and a fountain of youth in the Game!!!! I'm seriously hoping Disney has something fun in the works like a Fountain of Youth Famed Staff or something cool from the movie!!!