Someone Needs A Hug.

Jim Daggerskull

Site Founder
screenshot_2011-04-11_19-52-29.jpg I think someone is a little sad, maybe it's because he wants to leave Tormenta? Or maybe it's just that he as a headache from all those needles in his head..
I love the thread title! I'd hug the spineskull ... he does look sad, but I wouldn't the Kelpsbrain (is that right?)! He's just too scary ... And I'd hug Will too now if I could ... :D
EDIT (Apr 16, 2011 6:16 AM):
Is someone really sleepy? Or have they had too much rum :drink:

Definitely too much rum ... look at the two mugs there! :rumgone:
And he'd better close his mouth, or flies would get in it ... (he's been opening his mouth since when?? That's been a long time!)