Someone Took My Guild Name

Raven Trueheart

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Hey everyone...someone took my guild name and added Jr. to the end of it. This saddens me, never wanted this to happen. I confronted that person, put I got no reply. I dont want no Wrath of Ravens Jr. What to do?
well raven welome to top guild club. when a guild starts to become well known others will do their best to copy you, so this is not a real bad thing. just means your doing some thing right. hang in there, raven.
Cap blacksheep is right for example there is a super spania. I personally feel thats kinda wack. I widh we cud by the rights to our name and anyone who copied it we cud sue. I wud love to own my pirate name I am the only pirate in all of potco with 3 out of 4 of my names and I'd luv to keep it that way. Here is another example I just found it a few min ago I mean El Spania really.
lol ikr Will???? i have seen the ppl running around with the Super Spaniaand they run as soon as they see me lol.....i would just say to them good name, but do try to be more original in the guild name in the future...and Raven what Capten says is true it is almost like a bizarre form of long as there is no trash talking i wouldn't bother it...when you get involved with another guild and they're name allbeit..closely resmebling your own generally that leads to MASSIVE drama.... my advice monitor but do not engadge the other guild....
Thats why we made our guild name super long so the last letter wouldnt fit so people cant copy and add a II or Jr to the end. (Caribbean Treasur)
well i assume the prophecy wont get well enough known to ever have copy cats.or big enough
I check the POTCO, went to Community, then Directory and picked category Guild Name and put the Wrath of Ravens Jr in and came up with nothing....hopefully that person got my message and the got rid of that guild...I can only hope!
Davy, I gather that from you guys, (me being new and all)...I just am so can they take someones guild name and think it is alright! Without any permission. There really should be some kind of's just not right!
Nah, I agree, nobody likes a copy cat.. just making light of things.

Unfortunately there's not much that can be done about it though, aside from hoping the creator will decide to come up with something original instead.
ummm... in some cases I think guilds have made Jr. guilds for their younger pirates to lvl in.. so it can be confusing... There is the Savvy and Savvy Jr. Guild.. I was under the impression they started the second guild themselves.. so sometimes maybe flattery, other times, could be the guild... guess you just have to educate as you go along
a wile ago i started a guild it was before i joined spania my guild was called dogs navy we mainly worked on fully lv cannons and sailing then when we were real good at that some dude named them ''dog navy jr'' and that made all my new guild members mad so when one of them saw the other guild they made a spanish vs french battle that had like 20 ships 3 war frigates atleast 5-7 galleons and the rest where sloops and or frigates i dont know what the other side had right then i quit and moved on the guild's both went away and never to be seen again:fight:
EDIT (Jan 22, 2011 at 10:42 AM):
and then bipitty bopity boop at least 5 guilds later here i am