Glitch  Someone Walked On Water And Was Able To Attune Me

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super secret glitch
ok this takes timing so ill say it in steps

1. go to port royal near the crabs at darby boat dock and have someone stand at the dingy nearest the crabs in front of the cave ( in the green circle )

2. tp to ur friend and press F9 as fast as u can until u r loaded and u can move with ship menu

3. run in the cave and right b4 u go in launch ur ship

4. you might crash but when you come through the cave into wild woods u can fly in stores taverns areas locations pretty much everywhere except outside :/ dont go on a ship or u will lose the glitch
5. tp to tortuga and talk to a npc and u can fly
( warning this can crash ur ame when u go in the cave if u dont do it right