Sounds of Abassa


Pirate Lord
I found this thread I posted on POF a few years ago so I will share here :p

Sounds Of Abassa. A mythical CD coming to stores NOT near you.

1. Can You Feel the grief tonight!!!
2. I will always ...grieeefff YOU!!!!
3. Oops I glitched Again
4. Jumper Thriller
5. I’ll Make a Noob… Out Of You!!!
6. Potions of Many Colors…my mama made for me
7. Poker face cheater!
8. Don’t you wish your girlfriend could glitch…LIKE ME!!!
9. Love the way you Glitch
10.Abassa girls
11.You take my rep away!!
12.The Guild that Built me
13.Party in the A.B.A.S.S.A
14. The noob in you....the noob in me!!!