Statue Of Liberty Pics

Basil Darkratte

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Here are the Pic I took of the Statue of liberty, it also shows pics of things before and after the Statue. The size was to big, so I had to crop all of the pics.

New York Taxi Boat. ( On dock waiting to go on Statue Of liberty ferry)
Lower Manhattan ( On my way to statue)

Ellis Island

Sail Boat, near statue

Statue of Liberty ( far)
April2011 018.JPG
Statue of Liberty
I have more pics, but I had to use my friends cam, because the batteries died. I'll get them soon. I am also planning to go back. This is the last pic I took, back on New York going home, I manage to make the batteries last for only a few seconds
This was the Globe that was at the World Trade Center, but was moved to Battery Park, As a memorial
Thanks for the pics! I haven't been to nyc since they had closed off the towers to the public because of the van bombing. The pic of the globe is great. I didnt know they had turned it into a memorial. Looks a lot different now of course.
AWESOME!! And your school is so awesome to take you to that trip. I guess since you live up there ... :p (no duh ... me ...). I guess I will have to make time once in my life time to go to that island.

About that globe from WTC, where was it at WTC originally? It was kind of mind blowing to see the site of ex WTC so 'small'. Everything on the city scape looks so 'big' from afar (like on your second pic).
It was in a club I was with called the " Explorer's Club" there are only about 14 of us.

The Globe was in a place called Austin Tobin Plaza, it's Actually called The Sphere
I have always wanted to go to NY. Kinda hard to play a trip from Arkansas with two kids, lol.
When my dad was in the Air Force, we were stationed in Virginia. I went on a school trip to DC twice. That was an amazing experience for me. Got to see the Mall there, Vietnam Memorial, Arlington Cemetary, the Smithsonian and more.
Maybe some day I'll get to NY.
wow thats neat... never been to NY, parents say its too ' big and full of people ' WHAT KINDA EXCUSE IS THAT? well, anyway, thats rly cool... hope to go there someday. would be lots of fun, lol