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    If you are in this forum, I assume at least a few of you reading this are in the tech industry in some way, shape, or form. Just like myself, we all have stories how we got where we are, so if you are willing, share what you do in the tech industry and how you got your start, for I believe that it's our beginnings that remind us why we do what we do.

    I myself helped my dad re-assemble the family computer when I was 5 years old, something had gone wrong with the hardware and we had to take the whole thing apart, so when it came time to put it back together, I picked up a screwdriver, and started helping my dad, and reconnecting cables as if I knew what I was doing. And it worked.

    Later on, in 8th grade, I began running sound for a church I was attending at the time, and had no idea what i was doing, I pushed buttons, and turned knobs whenever I was told, a couple years later, I was surpassing my mentor. I became president of the A/V tech club at my high school, brought "The Hour of Code" to my high school which is now a district wide event, from kindergarten, to 12th grade, every year. I co-founded a robotics team at my high school, and we entered into a world wide competition.

    My principal offered me a job as the A/V technical director after I graduated, and I still teach the A/V tech club, and mentor the robotics team. within the next couple years, I hope to be off doing bigger and better things, but I refuse to give up my passion for helping to make memories through media production. I hope to do this until I retire, because there is no greater purpose than living to make the lives of others joyous and rewarding.

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