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Survey About Pirates


The goal of this survey is to gather information on pirate themed events and pirate Live action role playing.
Please post a reply covering each section that is applicable to you.


Have you ever been to a pirate themed event?

Have you ever dressed up for a pirate themed event?

Do you think that by dressing up a person can express or reveal a part of their personality that they normally do not show?

Do you beleive that role playing of any kind serves a role in our society?

Thank you for participating in this survey.
EDIT (Nov 29, 2010 5:44 PM):

I went to a pirate themed party.

I dressed up as Captain Hook.

I think it allows you to be a little more wild than you normally would, but I think that could be the same with any costume.

I dont know if RP plays a part in our society.

Angel Firefury

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Never been to a pirate themed party , only been to a super hero party, i went as wonder woman lol Well there aint to many female super heros to go as :confused: