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I recently made a video about the three main and oldest bugs in SvS. Please send a bug(description and video link) report with the hope that these bugs may get fixed soon.

Bug#1 Leadership Fail - If a player uses Leadership to make their skills recharge faster then the sailing skills: full sail, ramming speed, take cover etc will FAIL if used directly after they recharge. This means Leadership does not work correctly and will also make other skills not work.

Bug#2 Repair Glitch - If the crew are repairing and someone goes off the ship repair games will freeeze and the repairers will be thrown off the repair screen. The ships repair will stay broken until the ship is sunk. This is really frustrating because repairing in SvS is a major part of the gameplay and nobody wants to get sunk due to game bugs.

Bug#3 Front Cannon Fizzle - If you use the front cannon on a war sloop when it is in motion, and shoot to towards the rear at a following ship then your ammo will hit the rim of the ship that you are on. The war sloop is the most common ship in SvS, this renders two of its 8 cannons useless i addition to wasting ammo and skill.


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The response i got

Hello Leo,

Thanks for taking the time to write in with the problems that you've been experiencing in the Caribbean.

We really appreciate your taking the time to let us know any steps involved In any glitches that you may find and will be happy to pass these along to the development team for review.

Thanks again for your e-mail and we look forward to seeing you back out on the Caribbean!

Fair winds,

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Ugh i hate these glitches also the cannonball annimation is off and so is ramming speed i dodged a ramming speed it said it hit me and my friend said he hit me on his screen svs has lots o bugs that need to be fixed soon oh and leo i hope u know that is the same message they send out to everyone

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Yea, I was chasing after a french ship and by the time I caught up my health was in the red. Are the normal ships supposed to attack ships in svs?

James Birkshaw

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I am on my low level now and I just saw a Warlord attacking a Dreadnought... Dreadnought sunk, Warlord had major damages...
EITC turned against Navy it seems lol
Yeah, that's been there for a while though :p It's fun doing Scoundrels in a fishing boat, attracting the baddies' attention and then making them shoot at each other by hiding behind another ship :p