Captain Hi

Pirate Lord
RIP this games dead SOE had no choice lucasarts wouldnt allow them to keep the game running so they shut it down though u can still play the older version of the game in its precu state (pre combat update) however its a lot of grinding to get to the good stuff and the games not complete yet... wit that said i will miss my x-wing ='(

Jack Goldtooth

Honorable Pirate
They did shut it down. RIP. I played it before they changed everything and if you wanted to be a jedi... it was the hardest thing in the world.

Capitan Eli Davies

Honorable Pirate
Yea Star Wars Galaxies was the best. I was supper hyped for SWTOR and man was that a disappointment. Speaking of some on rails game play. Right now I am really having some Heavy Z-95 Head Hunter withdraws. I really miss destroying people in deep space with that little ship. It was so maneuverable and so unexpected lol. I also miss my X-Wing Advanced and my A-Wing : (. I never played the game before the NGE update sadly. Would have been fun getting to Master Jedi it sounds like. Would have taken months and even possibly a year or two to unlock Jedi and then master it but the process sounded awesome. I also like the way classes could in a way become hybrids of each other. I don’t think I will go get into any of the SWG emulators though until they release Jump to Light Speed. Space was the best part of the game.