Glitch  Swift Foot Glitch!!!

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John Elijah Marston

Honorable Pirate
So some of you may not know the glitch where you have Swift Foots and rapidly click it you can jump high and run fast. So here is what you do. 1st, go make 5 of them. 2nd, rapidly like very very very fastly click it. 3rd, repeat as much as you want. HAVE FUN HEARTIES!!!
U know, There was another way to do it by changing servers & drinking Swift Foot just as it ran out then changing servers again (Complicated!) :confused: & drinking more. Disney fixed it tho :mad: so I'm gonna give this one a try! :D
i did the glitch over and over. i got on my 10th batch when i could jump OVER padres del fuego. i jumped over the volcano and strait to darkhart. it took me 5 seconds :D
There is an even better way you left click the swift foots one time (this way will even work with one swift foot!)
then you drag them to the "drink potion" square then left click really fast! this is the easiest way right now.
Well, now I KNOW I wasnt hulcinating when I saw someone jump really high over my head on tortuga one night. I think I'll be trying this out, just to see if I can do it.