Taino Pride Guild

Taino Warrior

Do you have what it takes?
There's a new guild in town.
Remember never under staminate the underdogs.

These are my rules

:daggermouth:Taino Pride Rules:flag:

Guild Rules

Self Discipline, Honor, Loyalty, Team-Work.

Never turn your back on any of your fellow mates. No talking behind, never disobey your leaders.
Make every possible attempt to greet guild members when they come online and also to say goodbye when they leave.
Respect other guild members, not their fault not part of our guild.
Help other guild members, when possible with their story quest
Ask permission to Teleport to other guild members. (never invade their private activities, unless permission given).
Keep it clean in guild chat. Remember some of our mates are young players.
If you get knocked out make your Guild Leader aware by typing Taino Down not Help, remember be proud of who you are.
Attendance by all guild members during invasion is a must. Never leave your mates behind. Remember we fight together,

Live or die together.
Guild Leaders will crew for invasions unless one is not available then highest ranking officers will.

No Limited Members be allowed to be on key positions until Unlimited.

Team Leaders Rules (Veterans)

Assigned Team Leaders are responsible for their team members.
Team Leaders are selected among the best members.
Team Leaders are selected from members who perform, take part in guild functions regularly.
Set a good example for members to follow, remember you are a Team Leader.
Allowed to make recommendations to the Officers in regards to member’s promotions or deletions.
Promote limited members to become Unlimited Members.


Responsible for Team Leader actions.
Responsible for the best selections of all recruits into the guild.
Responsible for making recommendations on promotions or demotions to the Guild Master.

Rank Structure

Guild Master- Taino Warrior (Commander in Chief)

Guild Commander Officer- (1 Officer) Vacant

Guild Commander Assistant Officer (1 Officer) Vacant

Guild Invasion Officers (4 Officers) Vacant

Team Leader Alpha- Vacant

Assistance Team Leader Alpha- Vacant

Team Leader Bravo- Vacant

Assistance Team Leader Bravo- Vacant

Team Leader Charlie- Vacant

Assistance Team Leader Charlie- Vacant

Team Leader Delta- Vacant

Assistance Team Leader Delta- Vacant



rachel ironskull

Honorable Pirate
I think it sounds perfect my love good luck i have one pirate space left ill have to make just for this guild if thats ok with everyone :cool: