Take what U can ~ "Give_Nothing" back???


Shamus The Brute

Have you ever thought quietly to yourself of how it must have been to have lived as a real, Caribbean pirate? (Recently I have had some time to reflect and the familiar, pirate :daggermouth: saying - 'Take what you can, give nothing back' keeps echoing within the hollow, cargo holds within my mind).

***For me, it is the give nothing back part to this saying I feel uncomfortable about and, which suggests also full defiance towards all pursuits devoted to charity.

Oye! I am not pretending - mates - to be the most honorable pirate (nor the most 'generous' one). However, it is within my own opinion that before each of us find ourselves awaiting judgement within the Locker, it would be best for us and our interests to have done at least ONE good deed for some poor unfortunate soul, in this short life.

Well..."What can I do?"... ye say, in giving back to someone else in need while (within our own reality), "a pirate's life for me?" To be honest, I have no clue...but, there are several things you could do for yourself to discover what those things might be.

What I do know and that which I can openly share is that_"NO MAN IS AN ISLAND."

"So Shamus"...ye ask. "What have ye done to be giving back something to humanity?"

*Hmmm. That's a tough one...

Well...I do admit that during times of bad health, cold, flu, or fever...I try my best to sit down quietly next to someone healthy enough to receive me so as to not remain totally selfish and/or rude, lol.

***Anyway, it's important to not lose focus here, lol :rolleyes:.

So remember, as Cpt. Jack Sparrow once explained to Will Turner, he said: "The only rules that really matter are these: What a man can do, and what a man can't do."

Avast! I would add to this also - "What a man WILL do," in the hopes that by giving to someone in need, you may truly understand that...
...in the end...

we all are truly our brother's keeper.

Shamus The Brute

"Imagine" the possibilities of a open-source POTCO emulator where it didn't matter (to those whom contributed their time or skill) where said work eventually ended up because in the end...the community, first and foremost, would reap the reward and the benefits.