Tell The Future Of Others

Captian Fear

Pirate Master
:ahoy:Hi there mates! I have a game we can play. Write a short story about the future life of one of our friends on this fourm! Here are the rules:
1. Follow the rules :confused:
2. Be mature
3. Have fun

I'll go first. This story is about a friend of mine of whom I done this before:

Year 2083:
Jade Wildfury awoke at the Shady Acres Retirment Home in southern Florida with a crick in her neck. Struggling to grab her walker, she wobbled out the door.
"What time is it?" she asked a nurse.
The bored young lady, never taking her eyes of her magazine, mumbled "12:30."
"Oh my I'm up early," she said as she moseyed over to her lounge chair.
She looked on the old T.V. (just an HD plasma screen) and sighed as an old pirate movie played. Jade loved pirates. She was even one herself. In the 18th century she roved on her ship in search for Spanish loot. She would cut down enemies they were unfortunate to fall into her path. And one day she stumbled upon the greatest treasure of all...
The Fountain of Youth.
By drinking from the fountian she was given a longer life and the ability to stay young. The fountain had it conditions though. She had to come back every hundred years or so to become young agian. This work well enough until one fateful night half a century ago when she returned to a empty pool where the fountian use to be. Since then she grew older and finally had to accept her eventual death. Her red hair turned grey and her vibrant young body became old and wrinkled with time. She even noticed the enlargement of her backside.
So that is how she go here to this shabby retirment community. It was a nice place to live. There were water areobics and bingo every thursday night. And Jade herself was in charge of the local Story Sisters Society, a local group of ageing women that discuss the local soap operas that plague daytime television.
So as Jade sat on her giant behind, she quitely dozed off. She began to dream of her past years as a beautiful pirate. She was once again on her ship sailing towards the open horizon. She smiled but then the boat shooked. Dozens of light blue nurses invaded her ship and force her into a chair and spoon fed her oatmeal.
Jade woke with an alarmed snort. She sighed.
"Well at least my arthritis hasn't acted up yet... Oh wait, nevermind."
mine turn

Year 2056:
Captain Fear stared longingly at the exit of the Shady Acres Retirement Home.
" They cant keep me here" he whispered. Across from him sat Jade Wildfury poor old Fables she thought.
They called him fables because of the stories he told; the stories that never were and that never could be.
Fable truly believed that he was a fearsome pirate held against his will by the evil gypsies ( nurses) who try to poison him when he's asleep.
And the murderous Navy that try to kill him when they were the noose around their necks ( stethoscope ) teasing him about his end to come.
Fables looks around at the trapped crew mates (patients) planning their escape.He takes his trusty sword(cane) and wobbles over to Jade "Tonight" he says, "We escape."
Jade smiles " Aye, Captain looks like a storms brewing" She points to the rain outside.
"No storm can hold me" he says. Fables lifts up his cane and charges to the door.
"FREEDOM!!!!!" he yells and wobbles to the exit. "Ah Mr. Fear where are you going?" asks one of the gypsies. "That's Captain to you wench!!!!!" he shouts. "Ah! yes will captain we can go for our walk when it stops raining okay?" the gypsy smiles at him, takes him by the arm and leads him to his room.
She sits him down on his bed and says" I'll be back with your medication". when she leaves Captain Fear mutters
"I'll have my escape gypsies just wait and see." and with that he falls back onto his bed and falls asleep.
My long-awaited comeback:
Jade grabbed her aching back as she struggled to visit her former crewmate's room, Amelia. Amelia was once a Spanish dame who partook with th foutain along with Jade. So now the once most envived body in the entire Spanish Main, had flowing gray hair and a body that sagged. It appeared that she competed with Jade for the most largest bottom in the nursing home.
"Jade is that you, way over there?" she said.
"W-what ya say?" Jade's memory was shot. "I'm right here you ninny! Now what did I want to say?"
"W-what?" said Ameila.
"w-what?" said Jade.
"Did you bring your hearing aid?" she replied.
"I don't have any hard candy!" said Jade.
The two old women were really confused. Soon they started to fight. Jade pushed her walker at Amelia who slowly deflected it with her cane. After much moaning and groaning the fell asleep on Amelia's bed.
After 12 hours of slumber, Jade arose with a snort and shouted, "Eh! I know why I came by!"
Amelia, still asleep, farted in response.
"I want to kill Captian Fear!" she shouted but then turned to the hallway and called to a passing nurse, "Dearie? I think I soiled myself."

Top that!
not nice to drag Amelia into this


Fables is sailing on his ship staring off into the horizon one minute and the next he's being attacked by skeletons who are trying to take over the ship, he fights a great battle but alas he does not win. They carry him off the ship and he watches as all his crew screaming out in pain as the skeletons kill everyone on board. "I WILL NEVER SURRENDER" he shouts at the skeletons. They just laugh "We'll get it from you one way or another Fear you just wait". He is suddenly woken up with a jolt. The only time he can remember the night of the massacre is in his dreams. "Where am I ?" he asks himself, looking around he realizes he's still trapped. In the next room to his Jade over hears him shout,
"Ah, so he does remember?" she says
"Aye i believe he does Jade, maybe we can get the map from him now?" said Amelia
"He's the only one who ones the location of the map to the fountain of youth, hes not going to just give it to us, and I've been waiting decades to get it back"
Amelia smiles and said " Kill him"
Jade smiles in return "Aye kill him"

to be continued.... :D