Release Notes ] Test Release Notes - March 8th, 2011

Release Notes - March 8, 2011
  • Fixed Infamy badge's overlapping text
  • Fixed Infamy badge colors
  • Removed the ability to shoot weapons through rocks and obstacles in PvP areas
  • PvP "zombie" Pirates now retain Infamy Rewards items: coats, hats and tattoos.
  • Removed the increase in aggression from enemies
  • Fixed several crashes and random disconnections
  • Adjusted amount of Infamy points needed for higher Rank levels
  • Updated the 'Take Idol' quest description for Raven's Cove Story Quest
  • Quest tracking automatically updates to the next uncompleted part on a multi-part Quest.
Yay to some of the fixes and BOO to others lol and Davy If you ever need a protector I would be happy to lend my lv 15 pirate!
well this seems pretty obvious but what about the clothes on the undead pvp pirates is it rly true? i would be happy if it wasnt the same color and came out ripped and torn like in the movies. now all they need is to add it with normal clothes fix pvp a little aww who am i kidding they will never be able to do pvp right

also i dont like the idea of not being able to shoot through walls because unless they have actually fixed the pvp glitch on test someone can just hide in the wall