Test Server - 5/6/11

Is there some reason a lot of people were using blackbeards sword or did they just feel like using it? Cause theres a lot of more powerful swords.
Hmm this is something that should be researched and tested when it comes to live I'll get gold and test it out myself.
In the Release Notes it states that the Triton sword deals more damage against the QAR's crew.

Have you figured out what Triton's Vengeance is yet???

Of course all this updates had to be pushed back because of, what went wrong. They only updated this small because, I guess they wanted to Test out the well, test server. More things should be added later on.

so we should expect to see extensive time on the test server for these new updates
Of course, they probably won't release this until the launch of the movie, and the movie is more than 10 days away.

best bet is after the movie but while its still in theaters we have to remember although this is an addition to the game its still a promotion for the movie