Test Server Invasion

Bobby Flat Foot

Pirate Lord
This is what a test server invasion looks like! There are very few people as you can see xD (To answer questions that may follow; Yes, my test pirate is a girl, it was a guy to start out with, but then she got into a guild I liked so over time she became my main; Yes, she is a first generation, can't make 'em that short anymore!)
The crowd on the beach:

Over load of Keg Runners:


Bobby Flat Foot

Pirate Lord
wow. do they usually win. the pirates
It varies. This invasion we won. I made a new pirate and got to the Governor's Mansion, and it looked like it was destroyed. I did another once before and we won. So I guess it depends on the amount the people there is.

Basil Darkratte

Site Founder
You know whats funny... i counted 32 Powdered keg coming from a single barricade on ideal server before...
i loled so hard when i used blunder and killed a ton of ppl :D
I do that some times, I see think they're so strong attacking the Kegs, that I back away and open fire.... love seeing the

"What the?"
and so on..