Test Server - Release Notes

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TEST - New Update - 4/24/2020


  • Overhauled Find a Crew
    • You can now select the specific boss or location you want to go to during your outing.
    • There are dozens of selections intended to cover just about every single reason you'd be making a crew. Go check it out!
    • When joining a crew lobby, you will NOT be teleported to the selected location. Instead, you will be sent to the crew leader.
  • Implemented interiors music functionality.
    • No songs are there yet, but the support is now there for it. (This will affect an upcoming PvP map.)

Fixed issues:
  • Players can no longer make or join a lobby while in jail.
  • Fixed a district reset when PvP matches would end / clean up.
  • Fixed a bug where attempting to open the lobby page before getting your pistol would still show the highlighted lobby key in your Sea Chest tray and the lobby page title in the main window.
  • Fixed a bug where attempting to open the map page while in a lobby instance would still show the highlighted map key in your Sea Chest tray and the Map page title in the main window.
  • Fixed a bug where the lookout icon would remain white even after you got your pistol from Barbossa.
  • Fixed a bug which caused big fish to not spawn in the Fishing minigame.
  • Fixed a bug which caused players to get stuck in their lobby if their teleportation to the lobby host fails.
    • We now kick the player from the lobby if the teleportation fails.

Changes made:
  • Team PvP game modes now must have at least 1 player on the opposing team.
  • This does not apply if the minimum player requirement count is set to 1 (this happens for QA purposes sometimes.)
  • Resorted the order in which Find a Crew modes are listed when selecting a lobby to create.
  • Casa Brawlvane now has a bed for Mr. Brawlvane to sleep in.
  • When in a Meetup, the "Adventures" game category icon will now appear on your profile card
TEST - New Update - 4/26/2020


  • New Mayhem PvP Map: Forgotten Grotto
    • "Sealed off after a battle with El Patron's Crew, this cavern on Isla Tormenta has recently gained popularity among skirmishers."
    • Intended for 1v1 up to 4-Player Battle.
  • New Team Battle PvP Map: Fort Vagabond
    • "At the peak of Marauder's Cove lies this rebuilt pirate fortess. Pick a team and battle for control of it!"
    • Intended for 2v2 Up to 3v3 Battles.
  • New Team Battle PvP Map: Classic Pillager's Pass
    • "This once forgotten jungle grotto has recently regained popularity among skirmishing swashbucklers."
    • Intended for large 12v12 games.
Changes Made:
  • Reworked the spawns in Pillager's Pass (2013).
  • Fixed several areas in Pillager's Pass (2013) that allowed you to glitch out of bounds.
  • Made edits to the Pillager's Pass (2013) minimap
  • Upscaled the red and blue UI backgrounds used in Lobbies and other areas of the game.
  • Adjusted some floating vines in Pillager's Pass (2013).
  • Molten Cavern and Classic Molten Cavern now have a max of 10 players (up from 8).
  • Pillager's Pass (2013) now has a max of 6v6 players (up from 4v4).
  • Millie's name is now Millie Cutts.
  • Millie's Cottage is now Cutts Cottage.
Known Issue:
  • Players are able to shoot through barriers in Forgotten Grotto. We're working hard to fix this issue.
TEST - New Update - 5/3/2020

Changes made:
  • Fix being able to join a full ship with cross-shard lobby joining.
  • Fix being able to start a lobby on someone else's ship.
  • Fix find a crew from kicking crew leaders out of their own crew when starting a lobby.
  • Fix invasion messages from popping up in lobbies.
  • Fix invasion scoreboards from popping up in lobbies when an invasion ends.
  • Fix join button breaking when you're viewing a lobby as it starts, but haven't actually joined it.
  • Fix player's GUI breaking when they fail to teleport. This can be recreated by performing actions such as attempting to join a full ship.
TEST - New Update - 5/14/2020

  • A notification will now appear when someone teleports to your ship (only if you are the owner of a ship and the crew leader) asking if you want to add the player to your crew.
  • Chat history is back! You can press the up arrow to bring back your last chat message.
  • Crew leaders now have the ability to promote someone else to be the crew leader.

  • Fixed a bug where passive skills (like Windcatcher, etc.) were not boosted by equipped sailing items.
  • Fixed a crash when shooting at the town in the Black Pearl Treasure Map.

  • The following holidays are now active and are pending a prod update:
    • Double Loot: Now to May 24th
    • Double Reputation: Now to May 24th
  • Significantly reduced the task overhead in the game with the following systems:
    • Avatar Shadows
    • Avatar Underwater Checks
    • Camera Collisions
    • Enemy Radar UI
    • Inventory
    • Minimap
TEST - New Update - 5/26/2020


  • Fixed a bug that caused players to be stuck kicking the cell doors forever if they were both attempting to kick at the same time.
  • Fixed a bug where jail cells would stay open or stay closed forever.
  • Fixed a bug where you could kick jail doors open from outside the cells.
  • Fixed a bug where you could kick open any jail cell door at any time.
  • Fixed a bug where, after pressing ESC to cancel a kicking attempt, you'd have to walk away from a cell door, then back up to it in order to attempt kicking a 2nd time.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur if you died in jail.
  • Fixed jail kicking animations not showing to other players.
  • Fixed a crash when using SHIFT+F2 while on a loading screen.
    • You may still crash when doing this. There are a variety of reasons you may crash when going back to the character selection screen. A variety of things may not unload properly.

Developer Notes:
  • Jail functionality has been completely rewritten to make it as close to POTCO-accurate as possible. Please test jails extensively. Thank you!
  • All changes that have hit the live game earlier today have also been added to the Test Server in this update.
Note: There have been many other updates to the test server since this last notice, it appears we did not update here; I will be collecting all the updates and will edit them all in here.

TEST - New Update 7/17/2020:


  • Introducing the 'Muertos Mojito' and the 'Mejor Muertos Mojito'!
    • These two potions grant you the ability to PvP almost anywhere in-game for 10 and 20 minutes respectively - even on a boat!
    • They are brewable on Cuba.
    • Note: The potion icon will be modified in a future update to a new exclusive texture.

  • Loot plunder panels now have a brand new feature - the widely requested Trash button.
    • Upon clicking this button, you will permanently delete the dropped loot container.
    • If all players who have access to the loot click the trash button, the container will completely disappear outright from the world for everyone.

  • "/unstuck" now works at Sea.

  • Properly fixed a crash caused by blunderbuss animations.
    • This will now fix the visuals for it. Please test to make sure this issue is not possible.
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