Event  Thank Disney, For Fixing The Leaderboards Weekend!.

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You told Disney to fix the leaderboards, and they listened. Now return the favor by saying thank you.

write an email to MemberServices@PiratesOnline.com and say, thank you.

In continuation of our campaign https://piratesforums.co/threads/tell-disney-to-fix-the-leaderboards-week.368/ "Tell Disney to Fix the Leaderboards Week".

It has been a month since the boards have been working without any problems, and we feel as important that is to demand, and ask for things, as important it is to give thanks. Need to finish our job by thanking them. They listened and we should give credit where credit is due, everybody join me to thank Disney, thanks you for participating.

If you have thanked them, vote yes on the poll question, "Did you thank Disney?"

It appears that since today, they are officially working. As Pirates Online updated the message that said "Leaderboards are not up to date" to "All Leaderboard stats reflect yesterday's final results." And making it clear that they are now officially fixed.

Dear Pirates Online,

I want to thank you for listening to your members, and fixing the leaderboards thank you so much.

Dear Pirates Online Staff,

I just wanted to say thank you for giving us the best year present ever, you listened and fixed the leaderboards, thank you.


Dear Pirates Online,

Thank so much for fixing the boards, It was one of the issues I care more about and I am very proud to be a pirate, arrr thank you.


Dear Disney,

Thanks for fixing the boards, is the best you have done this year :).


Dear Pirates online,

I just wanted to send you a note saying thank you for fixing the leaderboards :).

OR Make your own!.
Just sent mine in...
"I just wanted to thank the staff of Disney for fixing the Leader Boards. Its important to me and my friends/guild and im sure other players that we get to watch ourselves grow. Without the leader boards its hard to watch everyone.
Thank you again, we appreciate it, more than you know.

Lady Violet."
I just did. And you were right; if Disney does something less than satistfying, we complain. So when they do something correctly, we need to appreciate it as well.