That other guy/girl's "music."

Music to yer EARS?

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Shamus The Brute

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Normally, I don't like to categorize people. I am not always successful at it but I do try to make a point to accept everyone as is, no matter who they are. Every once in a while though, I hear a song somewhere and I'll think to myself, "hey. You know what? This song reminds me so much of so-and-so!"

Well, if there is a song out there which reminds you of someone (please don't mention names), post that song below please and, if you know how to do so, kindly wrap that song up in a warm spoiler :thumbsup: so it don't catch itself cold:chilly:! (Just ask if you don't know how to embed video into a 'spoiler'). Remember now, those songs - after all - have to keep reminding you and I of that certain someone for like.....

...forever and the rest of our lives (jk)! *Below are a few of mine (which remind me of someone).

Peter Gabriel - "Big Time"
Billy Joel - "Big Shot"
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Bart Gunshot

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I have since come to let this person out of my mind and therefore my life, and consequently this song and band I really liked. Kinda odd how music can become so entwined with feelings and emotions. Because I let that person go, I suppose I let go what I associated with them as well. But yeah, this reminds me of the person.

Shamus The Brute

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Very good song, my friend.
No profanity in the songs or can i do that? if no, can i if i use a censored version?
I mean, I used to think so but I don't really know anymore. :confused: You might want to ask forums staff on that one. I can tell you I prefer you not to but, that is just my own opinion. (Censored versions are preferred by myself over non-censored versions).

Shamus The Brute

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Very good choice of song, Roger. ;)

That song’s message reminds of a song a dear friend of mine shared with me (to which I would like to post next). But first, in typical Brute fashion, I would like to say something quickly to emphasize not only your song above but also the one I am about to share.

  • Why are we still here? I mean, “how” are we all still here together (given that POTCO closed)? Disney has to be besides themselves to know that we each have survived!
  • Are we open to change?
  • Are we prepared to change for the better?
  • Do we realize that WE could become our greatest hero?
  • Do we realize that WE could become our greatest enemy?
As promised, this song which answers all of the above...for me: