The Ban Game! (The original.Read the rules before posting)

Captain Sharktooth

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Welcome to the Ban Game!!! For all you noobanners who don't know how to play, here are the rules:

This is a popular game. (No, you don't actually get banned!)


You have to come up with a stupid.... or good.... reason to ban somebody. For example:

I ban Captain Sharktooth because he made this thread.

And you keep the chain going. You have to ban the person above you, though.

Please note that it does not have to refer the the persons post, for example:

Banned for having no signature.

You don't have to say the persons whole name!

Oh, I'm missing something....

Read the following post for additional rules

Game Thread Approved By: Will Nightwolf

Captain Sharktooth

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Note from Mods:

Rules for posting on this thread are as follows:
  • You may only post in this thread after 5 posts have been made by others since your last post
  • If you are waiting for the 5 posts interval between your posts on a forum game thread and have waited 3 days without being able to post, you may break the 5 post rule and reply to the game thread.
  • Keep it CLEAN!
Any post that does not meet the rules will be deleted no questions asked.
Have fun and thank you for reading :D
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I ban Corey because you have to wait 5 posts before posting and that's how the game works.
I ban Rose for having a signature I have to read everytime I see it. :p