The Bannings Are Strict.

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Warning to everyone:


is considered spamming.

This is the 7th time i've been banned.

Its the stupidest thing ever.

Im also banned because I said, "You know? That show on discovery where they were making beaver dams?"

Seriously, the lady on the phone said If i get banned one more time there terminating MY account that ive spent a year on getting to lvl 46.. Ive even tried going to a quiet server but i got banned there too.
I havent seen one of my friends on there for 3 months, so when she came on i said hi, 10 times in a row.

Ha. Ha.
sounds so unfair. really band 7 times! if the capten wasn't in the forum, you would be the fourms blacksheep for sure. lol anyway i truly hope you get it worked out, cause we would all miss you alot.:arrrrr:
If you have test access and you get banned do you lose the test access?
I've never been banned... censored constantly but never banned.
How do bannings work do they just keep banning you untill you do something way offline or is it after a certain amount of bans your gone for good?
There is no specific number and not necessarily a "line" that you cross.. they take both into account when making a decision. You can commit a horrible offense once or twice, or a minor offense 50 times.. it's best just to avoid the trouble altogether.
ive been banned 3 or 4 times but nothing really bad . Ive said "Lets go to the Beach " and i get banned disney needs to reallt lighten up
ive been banned 3 or 4 times but nothing really bad . Ive said "Lets go to the Beach " and i get banned disney needs to reallt lighten up

How is saying "Let's go to the beach" bad? I can see "beaver dams" or spamming maybe. Although that too I think is ridiculous as I'm sure kids do learn about beaver dams in elementary school but you're going to ban a kid that may be talking about material from school? What is Disney trying to say to the children??? School stuff is bad, too?
i think i got banned for two weeks for blasting my over 6 month absent guild master, and Sven as far as ik, if and ever if you get banned on test that's it. no resgning up your just gone. but they are alot more lenient on test also.
so in close to three years i have been banned for two weeks. i think doing alright :D
Lol, yeah I'd have to call them up and complain and demand they not charge me that month for POTC especially since they're unjustly not letting me play.
Im a good pirate i never get banned :cool:
But i think with the beaver dam thingy if kids get banned for saying that, imagine them thinking what did they say that was wrong.
If that were my kid I'd be calling them and showing them what real cuss words were. Of course then my kid would be mad at me because his account was terminated for good. :p

Luckily, I haven't been banned yet either but watch now that I've said that I'm gonna get in trouble.
I think potco needs to chill out the things they ban you for are just bull. If they don't want kids to hear what comes out of our mouths they need to move the kids to seperate servers or just not let them play.
I have never been banned... not once. Even my kid has not been banned. I think thats kind
It seems like everyone I know has been banned at least once.

You are either a very lucky pirate or very well behaved pirate Sven. lol

I will admit I was banned once LONG ago when I first started playing the game for giving someone my email address. I guess I did not read the terms of use for the game:oops: