Glitch  The Best Glitch

Deniz Can Keskin

Wanted Pirate
Today i was in the spain and france war and then our ship sink and the i was in the air can you belive it but i was so happy that i forgot totake a good photo and ı grabb my ipod and take these photos but the pictures are so bad but it was the best glitch i ever seen but these photos are bad guys sorry


but the pictures are really bad


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ya know you can just hit f9 for a screenshot

Yup... and if you cant find your screenshots: go to my computer, then to local disk , then to documents and settings, Admistator ( or your username thing to get into your computer ), local settings, aplication data, Panda 3D ( NOTE IF YOU DONT HAVE PANDA 3D SKIP TO BOTTOM), start, pirates (or if you took the screenshot on test sever go to pirates test ) then to screen shots! there you go! Or just run this: C:\Documents and Settings\(ENTER YOUR USER HERE)\Local Settings\Application Data\Panda3D\start\pirates\screenshots

FOR THOSE WHO CANT FIND FOLDER PANDA 3D: go to then click the type of computer you have: windows, mac, etc. download it (and save)
then do the steps at the top to find your screenshots

OH and your welcome people! lol
lol this glitch happened to me before it usually happens when u tp to someone on the ship right as the ship sinks
I was buying ammo ( fury ) in privateering and when I teleported the ship and the ship was sunken then I was on the air it was great then I saw all the ships in the sea and I was watching them