The British Empire/EITC/Royal Navy

James Goldtimbers

Pirate Apprentice
Join our ranks we are a maxed roleplay guild. We have members from old Potco guilds such as Co. Empire, British Co. Elites, Co. Black Guard, and other Eitc guilds. Our guild is looking for casual and hardcore roleplayers, as well as regulars who want to play the game. We have 40 online everday, on average, and want to build our EITC roots, as well as SvS, and PvP, while joining the Royal Navy and Royal Army. We have a whole ranking structure and a discord of 283 people. If you are interested and want any questions about our roleplay and structuring, let me know in a PM. Long live Britannia, and may the EITC grow and prosper! If you want to join our guild you can find me on Discord @James Goldtimbers #3656 , just friend me, and give me your in-game name, and we can meet up. In the coming weeks we will also be holding Svs practice, PvP, and more loot runs and events with other guilds or guilds of the roleplay community.
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Aren't you the Guild that requires members to be at least 15+ to join. You failed to add that detail.

We do not require our members to be at least lvl 15+ to join, but we prefer if new members are above lvl 15.

It all depends on how active that individual is. We've recruited freshly spawned lvl 1s, to whom met those requirements within a few hours. We do however remove members below lvl 10 if they go inactive for longer than 2 - 3+ days.

We grant veteran to lvl 20+, and officers are held to higher standards than the rest and are chosen on how helpful they are to the guild.

Also, our guild rules are as followed:
  1. Use common sense and be courteous.
  2. Ask or Whisper for permission before you TP.
  3. If someone is already present at a looting spot (Example: Gold room, Tormenta or Raven's Cove South Totem), ask them permission if you may join them in looting/grinding those enemies. If they say no, TP to another server.
  4. Do not go AFK on ships' without the captain's permission.
  5. The obvious must be stated, Do not break TLOPO Terms of Service (Do not evade the chat filter, suggest your words to be whitelisted in #whitelistsuggestions or on the forums, not both. )
Johnny Goldtimbers, your name sounds vaguely familiar. I did do a lot of "roleplaying" when I was a younger girl. Does the usernames "Amelia" and "Emily Mcsteel" ring any bells?
Johnny, is that you? I’m Jack Goldwrecker, and with this game back up I’ve been looking to “reunite” all that old RP mayhem and drama that took place over at the POTCO Players Wiki.
Yes, that is Johnny Goldtimbers. If you'll message me either here on the forums, or add me on Discord Roger Gunshot#0066, you can tell me whenever you're online, and I'll either invite you myself, or get someone else to if I am unavailable.
Good Morning,

I was interested in taking part in one of the RP Guilds offered here. My Pirate name is Kurtis Ellison. He is currently Lvl 8. As of right now, I'm currently online daily. Weekends are always a given for the most part when it comes to online activity.

If you guys could let me know how I can join, it would be greatly appreciated if. As I've said, I'm interested joining in the roleplay aspect of TLOPO.

Safe Sailing,

Kurtis Ellison
I would like to join, I have a very big experience in Roleplaying and my character is Level 16 right now. His name is Maximiliano Ortega. Add me on Discord Brodyaga#3928 someone who can add me.