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Chapter One: A Bond Between Siblings

It was a thunderous stormy night and little John Teague was all curled up underneath his covers with them all pulled up over the top of his head. Meanwhile his mother was in the other cabin having horrible labor pains. "Edward come quick!! I think the baby's coming!!" He heard his mother call and he finally bravely stuck his head out from the top of his covers. For John was only eight years old, but he already had a bunch of girls who had a major crush on him. Oh he didn't look anything special, (in his own mind's eye that is) since he had dark brown hair, dark brownish blackish eyes, and rather dark skin,.. but he guessed that the reason that so many ladies had a crush on him was because that he found that girls really liked boys with long hair.

John quickly got up out of bed for he knew that he had to be there for his mother and brother or sister. As he started heading towards their cabin, all of a sudden he heard the sound of a baby crying. John let out a sudden gasp of astonishment as he could hardly believe it. As he entered the room his eyes widened at the dark haired and peach skinned woman (with dark eyes as well) that was now holding a tiny baby all wrapped up in a little yellow blanket. That's the woman looked up at her son and softly smiled at him.

"Hello John, would you like to meet your baby sister?" She questioned him quietly while a wide grin suddenly stretched a crossed his face. A sister. That meant that the baby was a girl and he had a sister. That also made him a big brother and an overwhelming sense of pride suddenly fell over him.

"Of course I would." He replied while he walked over to the bed where both of his parents were and climbed up on top of it and sat in-between them. John looked down at the tiny baby girl for the first time while she looked back up at him trying to learn how to focus. Although she hardly had any hair yet she looked exactly like him and her hair and eyes were exactly the same color as his. "What's her name?" He wondered while he smiled down at the baby.

"Her name is Sarah Marie Teague." His father replied with a grin.

"Hullo Sarah, I'm your big brother John." John replied and that's when suddenly he noticed that she had marks on both of her cheeks that resembled teardrops. "What are those?" he wondered.

"I'm not sure, but I'm guessing that they're probably birthmarks." His mother replied. "Would you like to hold her?" She wondered which John believed to be another ridiculous question but he just simply nodded and continued smiling as his mother placed his new baby sister inside his arms.

"Her birthmarks look like Rain so I think that's what I'm going to call her for short." John said with a grin as Sarah reached up with one of her tiny hands and grabbed a hold of his finger tightly. "I love you so much Rain, and I promise you that no matter what I'm always going to protect you." He assured her and with a rather warm and loving and affectionate smile, he slowly leaned over and gently kissed the top of her head.

As the years went by John kept his promise and was around to watch and help his baby sister as she grew. He was there for her when she learned how to crawl and walk and he also made sure that she didn't hurt herself when she was big enough to play in the woods. He was the one who even taught her how to swim. On her fifth birthday he decided to give her a rather interesting gift. As soon as she finished blowing out all five candles on her birthday cake John presented her with a tiny little package.

"Happy birthday Sarah." He told her.

"Ooh!!" She exclaimed excitedly. "What is it?" She questioned him with uncertainty but John just simply chuckled.

"If I told you what it was then it wouldn't be much of a surprise now would it?" He questioned her back with a sly grin. "Now why don't you open it up and find out?" He asked her before she tore open the package eagerly and excitedly and found a tiny silver locket piece inside it with the letter RAH printed on it. "Why is it broken?" She wondered ignoring the printed letters since she didn't know how to read yet anyways. That's when John reached inside his pocket and revealed the other piece that had the letters SA on it and just simply smiled lovingly at her.

"It isn't broken." He began with a shake of his head. "It's just so just in case we ever get separated, we'll always have a way to find each other again and we can always know that we'll be in each other's hearts." He explained.

"Oh okay, can you put it on for me then?" She questioned him as John nodded and tied the one piece of the locket around her neck. "It's really pretty Johnny thank you." She told him with a grin.

"You're welcome Rain, and happy birthday." He told her as he gave her a great big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks and we'll always be together forever won't we?" She questioned him before she kissed him back.

"Yep, always." He replied softly with a nod and a grin.
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