The Carnival Chronicles

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Jade Wildfury

Story told by Captian Fear and Jade Wildfury... How it all began

Page 1
It was a dark stormy night, and Jade Wildfury was getting ready for battle. Ravens Cove was being invaded by Jolly once again. The battle was fierce; Jolly’s minions were ruthless killing pirates relentlessly. The battle went on for days, sadly Jade looked around the only hope of survival was to abandon everything and flee. She and a handful of survivors fled the island and set sail to find a new home. Days and weeks went by until they found Tortuga.

Page 2
On the shores of Tortuga, a carnival was setting up. Joshua, one of the performers, readied for his juggling act."Oi! Marco," said Joshua to his close mate, "Why are we having this carnival for these mangy pirates?"
Marco, the knife thrower, shrugged and said, "Well our master is a profitable man. When our ship blew us here instead of Kingston, he thought we could gain extra coin."
"I'm a gentleman and an entertainer," Joshua said with mocking dramatics, "If I was back at England, I would never stand for such an appealing crowd."
Joshua cringed at the sight of several toothless men and a gaggle of bawdy women following them with seductive grins.
"What about that lass," said Marco as he fiddled with his dagger, "She ain't so bad."
Joshua looked over and was transfixed. A young maiden walked along the docks. Her slender frame had the perfect curves. Her long, sun-bleached hair, glowed like a goddess. She was the perfect woman.

Page 3
Exhausted from the long voyage Jade made her way down the docks of Tortuga. As Jade tries to bargain with a peddler she hears “Ladies-s-s-s-s-s-s and Gentleman-n-n-n-n-n-n!” Jade turns around and see’s a man dressed in a red coat, big black boots standing on a platform; he continues to speak
“Five minutes! Five minutes to the big show. More than enough time to avail yourself of the amazing the unbelievable, the ma-a-a-a-a-arvelous wonders we gathered from all four corners of the earth. Come one; come all to see the oddities, the freaks of nature, the spectacles! The most dazzling collection in the world, ladies and gentleman! In the world.”
Jade’s curiosity peeked as she walked over to the big tent. The tent is enormous. Jade looks around as sees animal dens along the tent, painted gold and red propped open to reveal lions, tigers, bears, chimps and horses. Jade looks continues to look around when her eye stop abruptly on a man. He was all bulky strength, long bone; dark blonde hair lay in disarray. He was speaking to a man tossing a dagger. When their eyes met, Jade flushed. There was a loud crash and she spun around to leave. After a few seconds she steals another glance but continues walking.

Page 4

"Bloody heck!" swore Joshua as his juggler's balls fell from his grasp.
Marco hid a small snicker.
"You think this is funny?" Joshua was now fuming, "Tell me, do all Italians have a horrid sense of humor?"
"We have great humor but poor judgment in friends," he said smartly.
"Enough of your cheek!" Joshua snapped, "When we reach Kingston and I get my pay, I'm making my way back to jolly England!"
Marco, a former blacksmiths apprentice and stowaway, knew Joshua Dowling better than Joshua did.
"Listen friend," he said calmly and began picking up the colorful balls, "We both know why your upset. It's that pretty signora, no?"
Joshua could feel his sun burnt cheeks reddened but said nothing.
"I understand," Marco continued, "After your betrothed left you back and England, your father disinherited you and then ending up in this pirate port, it's all bad. Yet perhaps this girl can make you happy again? Go, we have hours before the show. Go and see her."
"Thanks Marco-me-mate, I owe you one!" said Joshua as cheer newly flowed through his veins.
"You owe me more than that my amigo! Now go lover-boy, go!"
And so, Joshua went off to meet this new girl.

Page 5
“Omg!!! Omg!! Omg!!!” Jade muttered to herself. Hoping she didn’t make a fool of herself. Jade looked around for somewhere to hide. She spots the Faithful Bride and heads inside. She asks for some rum and nurses it while gathering her wits. She smiles when she sees a spot open up at the poker table. She carries her drink and sits down.
“Ah this ain't no place for a lady, miss you best be on ur way” says a man sitting to her left.
Jade just smiles “Afraid I’ll win?” she asks. The man huffs clearly not happy at woman’s presence. The cards are dealt; Jade wins a few hands.
“Cheater” the man bellows. “Aye I am a pirate after all” she winks. The men at the table grow furious and raise their swords. Jade smiles “Finally a good fight” she raises her sword and charges the men. Jade slashes swings and jabs at the men. She cuts off their belts and laughs when their pants off. When they try to get them back up Jade kicks them over. She smiles and takes their loot, she bows and says “It’s been fun boys, but I must be on my way” she turns to leave and she sees him the man from the tent staring at her. She gasps and runs out of the tavern.

Page 6
A pirate? thought Joshua, that certainly is strange.
Growing up in Bristol, Joshua was accustomed to seeing the outcome of piracy.
A hanging.
Joshua tried picturing her looting Spanish ships and raiding settlements in the Spanish Main. Yet a face like that? Holding a dagger at an innocent sailor? Joshua tried to push the dark thought to the back of his mine.
Joshua flipped the bartender a coin and grab his mug of ale. When he turned he faced a wall of huge weather-beaten muscle.
"That lady stole me loot and you’re going to pay it back..." the pirate said in a ominous voice.
Joshua looked at the huge blackguard and involuntarily yelled, "Holy hell!"

Page 7
Jade smiled, "maybe I should go back" she thought to herself.
She turned around and walked back to the tavern. She sighed when she saw the man cornered by the pirates she stole from.
She whistled "hey boys, looking for something" she said while dangling their loot from her hands. The pirates charged at her, but Jade was quick she kicked the table toward them, pinning them to the bar.
She grabbed the man by his arm and yelled "RUN!" They ran out of the Faithful Bride and into the woods. Panting she looked up at him and smiled " well that's one way to meet, I'm Jade " she looked him over and started to laugh "guess I better get u back to the tent, wouldn't want u to miss ur show" she said as she smiled.

Page 8
Joshua couldn't speak. Having face down a burly pirate and his mates and now speaking to the pretty Jade. He kept himself quite.
She guides him quietly down to the Smuggler's Beach. The ringmaster, O'Crooks, stood there as he got the dancers onto the driftwood stage.
He tried to leave without making a scene but she then grabbed his arm and said, "Will you not tell me your name?"
"Uh-sure..." he said as he tried to remember it. Suddenly down the street he saw the burly pirate stomped down the beach.
Not wanting to be left alone to deal with him he blurted out to Jade, "Come to my performance," and rushed her into the tent.

Page 9
Jade sighed but agreed. He led her to the tent and sat her down in front.
Then he left her to get ready, she assumed since he didn't speak to her.
She sat quietly, waiting for the act to start; when the pirate from the tavern approached her she looked up at him and smiled. He sat beside her and said he had a proposition for her.
A quest he said "it’s worth more than your weight in gold."Jade stared at him wondering if he was telling the truth. "Join my crew mate, u won't regret it" he smiled. Jade noticed he was missing a few teeth. Jade smiled and nodded. "Were in agreement then, we set sail four days from now.”said the pirate. From the corner of her she noticed the performer stare at her talking with the pirate. Jade wondered what he was thinking. The brooding pirate out up tipped his hat and wandered off leaving Jade to her thoughts.


Jade Wildfury

Page 10
The carnival was like any other performance. The animals roared, the dancers danced and single juggler stood on the driftwood stage gloomily. He tossed the balls around for a bit until he was done.
Joshua saw the pirate approach his new love and sighed. She would definitely go off the sail with the adventurous sailor rather than a penniless juggler. The show ended abruptly as the fire-spitter send an inferno on the tent causing it to catch the flames. Afterwards Joshua met up with the girl.
"Listen, I have little money but will you join me for dinner?"
She smiled and nodded.

Page 11
Joshua and Jade sat in an old boat in a section of the Tortuga swamp known as the Misty Mire. With a modest dinner of rum and pork, the two sat in the moonlight conversing.
"I one day hope to reestablish my estate back in England," said Joshua sullenly.
"What happen there?" she said as she tore into the pork.
The young juggler sighed. "I thought I could live without my devil of a father. I thought I could be independent. I was so wrong. Within a month of leaving my father, I was bankrupt and begging for food. Soon I met O'crooks and finally made my way here."
Jade said nothing, looking off to the various gator-holes of the swamp. Although she didn't dare say it; She loved the silent breathing of the two. She loved the feeling of having someone to protect her. Could she- did she love him?

Page 12
Their midnight bliss was interrupted by a drunken curses of the large, red-headed pirate swaggering at them.
"What say you my pretty? Me ship leaves in the morning. Will ye haul out with us?"
Jade, looked a Joshua hesitantly but tried to reply, "No-"
"She's with me, matey!" said Joshua in a low, more manly voice.
Joshua, a gentleman turned beggar turned performer now turned pirate. He had to look good for Jade.
"Best keep back to the mud covered piggery ye call home!"
The giant barked, "Ye try to insult me? Cap'n Bram the Fighting Man? Prepare to meet ye maker, laddie!"
The pirate unsheathed his sword and before Jade could protest, Joshua took her sword. Bram charged at him and made a swipe at Joshua's neck, but the young lad was able to dodge the deadly arc of the swipe. He made a quick jab into the pirate's gut, causing him to howl in pain. Joshua then made a quick slash to his face, giving Bram a frightening scar. Bram roared but fell back towards the shore.
"I'll be back for ye my pretty dear! And your little pirate-man too!" Bram yelled.
The two sat silently in the darkness.
"Joshua that was amazing!" said Jade.
"It was nothing," he said although he felt he was about to pass out from exhaustion, "Jade, listen. You made me very happy tonight. Tell me if there is anything I can do to make you happy."
"You already have," she said and kissed him. The two continued to make each other happy for the rest of their lives

Or so they thought...

To be continued....

Jade Wildfury

Page 13
“We have not seen the last of him; we must leave before Bram returns.” Says Jade as she rushes Joshua to get moving. They walk towards the docks of Tortuga.
“We need to find a ship” says Joshua. Jade looks around and sees a pirate loading cargo unto a longboat. “Aye, you there!” she beckons him toward her. The pirate who looks no more than ten approaches her. “Where this ship be headed?” she asks.
“Singapore” he boy replies. Jade smiles at the boy “and the captain, is he looking for a crew?” she asks.
The boy nodded “Aye, Captain Montgomery is in the King’s Arm looking for a crew” Joshua smiles at the boy and hands him a shilling “Thank you boy”. As Joshua and Jade head towards the tavern, Jade noticed a young girl watching them. Joshua looks in her direction “We better hurry” says Joshua. Captain Montgomery sat in corner of the tavern drinking his rum as he watched his men brawl.
“Seeking a crew captain?” asks Jade. Montgomery looks Jade and Joshua over. He raises his drink towards Joshua. “He sails?” he asks. Joshua nodded.
“Aye, but can he sail under a pirate” he asks.
Jade glares at him “Aye, we can”.
“ To the longboats gents!” shouts Captain Montgomery.
The men stopped brawling and headed towards the docks.
Grace O’Malley sat by the shallows watching the pirates’ board the ship. “He will be mine” she says and smiles. Grace rushed back to the dock “They crewed with Montgomery; sailing to Singapore.” She says. Bram smiles “Nicely done, did they see you?” he asks.
“Yes, but they didn’t know who I was” she smiles. Bram walked towards his men.
He thought he could defeat me, the little performer will play. Bram thinks to himself. Bram gathers his crew and head towards there ship. “Bram we going after them?” asks Grace.
“Aye O’Malley” says Bram and smiles.

Page 14
It was four hard months at sea. The heavy rains beat down of the weary flesh of the sailors one day, then the waves sent them to the depths the next. True enough there were many casualties then. The ship, Cockhram, had lost a few good top men over the course of the voyage. Yet that wasn't even the worst part. Captain Montgomery, lost the navigational equipment and charts in a mighty gale. Now the Cockhram, sailed without a heading and without sight of land.

Many have died. The crew started to make bets a who would croak first. All bets were on a young mate Joshua. He was a peculiar sailor, being that he was hardly a sailor at all. He couldn't tie a line or climb the masts well enough. He just scrubbed the deck and shared secret whispers to a short, slim, jolly sailor who went by the name, Todd. He was another odd one. Although he could unfurl and reef the sails like no other, he seemed dainty... almost ladylike. He didn't sleep with the other men below decks. He had his own private captain given Still, he had a sword with him at all times so no one could argue.

Page 15
"Come here you," said Jade seductively. A warm smile crept across her face as a worried Joshua sat next to her on the bed.
"The captain says we may run out of water in a week's time," said a glum Joshua.
Jade frowned. After a day of pulling ropes and hauling anchors (all while disguised as a man), the last thing she wanted to do was discuss nautical matters with her love. She put her arms around him gently and smiled. Joshua pushed them away. "Jade What if we get caught? Montgomery don't mind you being a woman but the crew would. If they found out..." Joshua trailed off in horror.
"If they found out we jump ship and make for Bermuda!" she said giggling. "Honestly dear, you worry to much. And by the way, why did you pick the name Todd?"
"It was the first name I could think of," replied Joshua.
"Bloody stupid name," she said and giggled again. She rose from her bed and walk over to her pantry. There she kept a hidden stash of wine she stole from the cook. "Would my dear join me in drink?" she said as bit off the cork and spit it off.
Joshua sighed, "If someone were to hear us-"
"No one would hear us in my cabin. Montgomery gave us this for the very reason. Now remove your boots, there dirtying the bed."
A dainty finger shut his lips. Jade then removed the pair of borrowed trousers. Soon she wore nothing but an old cotton shirt that ended right above her knees. With another smile, Joshua decided he would risk it and embraced her with a kiss. After a passionate moment, shouts were heard from the deck, "Sail ho! Ready the guns! Sharpen all steel!"
Jade turned her excitement over to the upcoming battle. Like a flash, she had her pants and tricon on with he sword at her side. She raced to the deck, leaving a very annoyed and confused Joshua in her wake.

To be continued :cool:....

Jade Wildfury

Page 16
"All hands on deck" shouted Captain Montgomery. " He found us" whispered Joshua to Jade. The Cockhram was being attacked by captain Bram’s ship The Temptress. "Aye" says Jade.
"Man all cannons" shouts Montgomery. Jade and Joshua watch as pirates struggle to get to their cannons.
"Fire!" Shouts Bram.
Chunks of wood and metal fly throughout the ship impaled the crew. Cannon fire and grenades were being launched from both ships. Montgomery shouts to his first mate " Close in to grapple ship".
"Prepare to board" shouts Bram
Men fought on the decks of the ships. Pistols aimed, swords swinging, daggers flying. It was a gruesome scene. Jade grabs Joshua "Get to the longboat" she shouts and pushes him towards the pirates who were trying to flee.
“Montgomery crew is out numbered. Bram has the advantage" says Joshua " Go!" Shouts Jade. Joshua hesitates and Jade thrusts a pistol into his hand. " I will join u soon" she says as Joshua gets into the longboat. When she sees Joshua get into the boat she advances towards Bram her sword drawn. Joshua sees his beloved dueling with Bram. He notices a woman; the same woman from the docks of Tortuga, enclose on Jade and Bram dagger in hand.
"Jade!!!!" Joshua yells. Jade turns but not in time. Jade screams as the dagger pierces her shoulder.
"The ship is ours" shouts Bram. Joshua watches horrified as Jade is captured and bound by ropes.
" Check the cargo" Grace O'Malley yells at the crew. Bram approaches Jade. "Where be your lad?" He asks her. Jade glares at Bram but does not answer.
"There is nothing left; everything is destroyed" says O'Malley to Bram.
"What will happen to Montgomery's crew? asks Jade.
Bram smiles and replies" We'll leave them on their ship, see how long they'll survive without food or water" Grace walks over to Bram and asks
" And her?" She jabs her pistol into Jade's shoulder wound. As she winces Bram smiles wickedly and says
"Place her in my quarters"

Page 17
Joshua was put in the brig. It was cramped next to the other burly seamen but he didn't care. He thought of Rose be forced against her will to be with Bram, the pirate captain. He tried his luck on breaking the bars. He stomped his foot at the door but he couldn't get enough room to do so. His shipmates told him to quiet down and let them say their prayers. One of Bram's crewmen came down to swab the decks. He wore no shirt, baggy sailor's trousers and a red bandanna. A few strands of blonde hair escaped from it. He seemed to be about the same age as Joshua.
Noticing Joshua's agony, the young pirate said, "Ah don't worry mate. Bram plans to leave you on the coast of South America while he makes his way on to Singapore. It's that girl you should worry about. She's in for a most uncomfortable voyage. Lucky you, eh?"
Joshua looked at him with rage and fear in his eyes. "No, that's not lucky for me at all..."
"Oh! She's yer lover eh? I had a lover once, named Constance at Port Royal. She met me after every voyage when I was a merchant sailor. I wonder what happen to her now?"
Joshua, knew the pirate was an idiot but he was gentle hearted as well. Perhaps if he could get him to listen to reason. "What's your name, mate?"
"Bently! 'Raging' Bently they call me," said the pirate.
"Well Bently," said Joshua slowly and quietly, "If ye spring me and me mates out of the cell, I will take ye back to Port Royal meself! God's honor!"
Bently thought for a moment then replied, "Alright, wait to ol' Constance hears I reunited lovers! She would reward me kindly for that!" He fumbled with the keys then quickly unlocked the cell. The rest of the Joshua's shipmates stormed off and went for the ship's armory. They then went on deck to go after Bram's men. Joshua himself, took a dagger and rushed into the captain's cabin.

Jade Wildfury

Page 18
Joshua, too enraged for words, saw Jade tide and gagged in a chair. He went to untie her when, Bram jump from behind the corner and block him. He threw a dagger at Joshua. Quick as a flash, Joshua grabbed the dagger from midair.
"Hey give that back!" cried the giant.
Joshua then took his own dagger and threw it up in the air, followed by Bram's. Soon Joshua juggled the daggers with great precision. The pirate captain was amazed. He watched in disbelief.
"What is it Bram? Every seen a juggler before?" he grinned.
Right before the pirate was about the answer, Joshua threw his dagger at the pirate's leg. He howled in pain. Then Joshua threw the next one at his chest. In the pirate's final moments he sputtered, "Who are you?"
Joshua then stopped to think. If he continued to live his life with Jade, he couldn't be Joshua, the worrisome sailor anymore, he would have to be something greater. He would have to be a pirate.
"I am Captain Fear! And I free this girl you captured."
The terrified pirate died along with Joshua and his old life.

After Fear cut the ropes and ungagged Jade, she replied, "Captain Fear, huh?"
"If you don't like it-" he said but he was interrupted by Jade's long kiss.
Once outside, Montgomery stood by Bently. "Well young pirates, shall we sail on?"
"No thanks captain," said Jade. "I believe we are going to take our leave."
"Aye, I owe someone a voyage to Port Royal," said Fear as he gave Bently a wink.
"You mean it! I get to see Constance? Huzzah and all!" shouted Bently as he jumped around on the deck.
"Very well than," said Montgomery. "Mates lower the longboats!"
After a few minutes of work, Montgomery's first mate appeared. "Captain, I was sure Bram had two longboats but apparently it's lost now. There is still one other though but it would be a bit cramped for them."
"Ah they won't mind will they?" said the old pirate. "Lower it forthwith!"

So as the three jolly companions sailed off to Port Royal and Montgomery sailed away on his new ship, a figure followed them on a the other longboat. Grace brushed the blonde hair from out of her cat-like eyes while she watched Jade. She had to destroy her soon. She just have to wait for the right moment...

To be continued ....