The day, 4-27, that everyone disappeared.

Misty Moonlight

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Ok Last Wednesday when live crashed I was in a pvp match and got glitched so I never got disconnected from the game. I wrote a cute lil story to go with the pics but the tornadoes hit my area before I got it saved and posted. So, I truly don't want to do that again, but I will post some pics. It was quite strange to be there with nothing else there. Sometimes I really wasnt sure where I was as a lot of the -places- were gone. Hope you enjoy...I took about 200 screens :) I got some from every isle and all the missing ppl(NPC) places (that was part of the story that I won't write again).

Yep! I was on Antik.

screenshot_2011-04-27_08-56-28 - Copy.jpg


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Wow! That was EPIC, Misty ... Didn't you feel like you were in the movie 'The Book of Eli' or something, where you were among the last survivors ...

I had a similar experience back in Feb 12, 2011 where all players were gone (, but at least all NPCs were still there.
Yours was a severe case of abandonment ... :eek:
I noticed that the navy guy was still sleeping on the bench outside the jail. My guess was that every NPC that you could interact with or the ones that moved (like the pigs) were gone. Very very strange glitch and way too cool at the same time. Thanks for the screenies.
Cool pics mate that rocks I wish everyone else died then I could be the only one left { not really hmmm wait let me think about this} anyways It could happen I mean 2012 is coming mauhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh /evil chuckle ( I wait sense when did I believe in 2012 ahhhh its happening!!!!!!!!!!

anyways Cool pics and thanks for posting!!!!!!;)
I guess the sleepy guard on Cuba stayed because that is where I was when it crashed!

Yes, it was a very strange 3-4 hours on the game. I had a blast though and got oodles of pics and some are very odd, lol, but I can't post them all. Maybe I will take the time to put them all in a album....will see. Some things I just like to keep for myself :D