The Days Of The Pirate Muse

Molly Ironscarlett

Site Founder
Ahoy all Molly here. i have been on pirates since Jan 08 and i haven't had anything this great ever. i have been a gm about four times. the last guild i managed was the pirate muse when Carlos approached me and asked me one question. Aren't you tired of playing alone? Follow me and you will not regret you did. to this day i thank my lucky stars that i met Carlos and his guild. This guild is won of a kind. No drama, organized, and all in general to have fun and enjoy each other's company.i am truely blessed to have found Spania and all it's wonderous spirits that i call my Piratey Friends. now where is the rum.... cheers mates see yall at the Faithful Bride :drink:
Thanks for being one of the pirates that has made me proud to call Spania home! First round is on me . . . . :drink:
Nice story Molly, just want to thank you for all your help and tips you have given me in the game. You are truly a one of a kind, awesome pirate!:drink::D
Nice story Molly! We are glad you found Spania too! You are a great addition to the guild! :D

I agree with Will. Many of us have had bad experiences with other guilds and finding Spania was well worth it.