The Deathly Knight

Hey anyone wanna join my my guild, the deathly knight? If you do reply saying yes and a time and place to meet me if the time works out ill send you a message with another time

:fight:(me vs jack sparrow) from William Darkbeard the fully dubbed ninja pirate
right now i could meet anyone so ask me NOW OR THE WRATH OF THE KITTEHS! WILL HAUNT YE! :p

now or else ill have to FIRE MY LAZARR BAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :excited:

meet me at fort charles in the monada ocean ill be the weirdo with a leather vest, a bunch of tattoos and bright red pants

oh and ill also be wearing jewelery
sure, its ummmmmmm well its a pirate guild for people at least lvl 5 and people who like using swords so basicly were close ranged lovers and our requirements are be atleast lvl 5 and use swords
anyone who plays the game meet me in fort charles in caicos ocean ill be a tall dude with a blue vest, black and white pants, a sword, and lots of jewelery and tattoos

ill also be wearing a white bandana

lvl 15 in the part with a bunch of grunts, named william darkbeard

nvm ill be at the port royal dock, fishing

nvm i will be fighting grunts ... sorry for all the confusion :parrot: