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Well many of you know me and i used to be in Spania but i decided to move on and make my own guild could use the help of friends to be guild founders with me if you wish to help me just comment below because as of right now my guild is empty and could use some tips hints or anything to help get me started.
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Igor say Igor always glad to lend a hand mate! Igor say just shoot Igor a message if you need anything! :ahoy:
Lol I thought De Fiant was the one who made this guild for a second. My advice is make people an offer they can't refuse.
Rose how the guild going last time i checked there were 16 how many are there now.
Edit: Some ppl left the guild 5 actually but I expected more to leave
Actually idk, my friend had a guild emergency last night... atleast 20 left because some noob made a petition against it lol....
EDIT (Nov 29, 2010 9:20 PM):
Theres 13 in the guild now >.<
EDIT (Nov 29, 2010 9:30 PM):
Hey, I actually didn't want Davy or someone to get mad so i resized your signature... unless u wanna keep that one ^_^ im just saying lol


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