The Elite Thievery Co 10th Anniversary Grand Tour!


Wiki Staff
Tilt a tankyard, you lot! The Elite Thievery Co. Guild be celebratin' it's 10th Anniversary this week!

In honor of this monumental occasion, we be invitin' the Caribbean to join us for a special event!

THE GRAND TOUR (Fleet Run) - Fri. June 28th @9:30pm EST (Valor)

ALL PIRATES ARE INVITED to join us as the ETC puts all ships to sea and takes a tour of the Caribbean, sinking all in our path! Ships launch from Port Royal, head West around Cuba and Outcast then South around Padres - finally encircling Kingshead to put some terror inta' th' hearts a' Beckett and his minions!

Any and all pirates be welcome to add their ships to our fleet or jump aboard an open Elite Thievery Co crew for The Grand Tour!


Wiki Staff
Here is our course for tonight's ETC 10th Anniversary Fleet Run. Be on the Port Royal Docks (Valor) at 9:30PM EST

We will gather for a brief run down, and if mates wish to crew up. All ships will put to sea at the same time form a line between Port Royal and Devil's Anvil. Once all ships are launched, the Crimson Widow (Fortune Hunter Frigate) will head West around Cuba, then South around Padres.

Any and ALL enemy ships are open game. Try not to engage hunters or warships until the Fleet reaches Kingshead. Once the fleet surrounds Kingshead, give Beckett's fort a few broadsides for good measure. After that, captains are welcome to keep plundered with us.