Glitch the end of the world glitch!!!!!!!


Shamus The Brute

Hey, since they never finished the Kraken, I like the idea of your ship sinking with the cinematic video of the Kraken's tentacle pulling your ship under after a countdown reaches 0. That's perfect. mean as a cut-scene scenario? Not too bad of an idea. Would actually help to at least tie-in the Kraken somewhere within the game.

*Regardless, I think we all would agree that POTCO could use a bit more "dramatics" built into the game...

...Well...something different from the "dramatics" of Abassa/Tortuga, that is. :confused:
Ugh, somehow, I was never able to perfect this glitch. Then again, I was known for not having good shipping skills whatsoever.. I always let others take the wheel on my own ship....:facepalm:Was it fixed at one point?

(Hopefully reviving an old thread isn't against the rules I couldn't find anything on that.)