The Famed Hammer Blade Of Thor !

John Hooksilver

Site Founder
I'm in the game with my alt Tiny Trouble & my partner Kate Crestscarlett. We were abord my War Frigate. I was driveing & I asked Kate if she could repair the ship before we sink. She starts hammering away. All of a sudden She yells out, Oh! so this is where you hid it!!

I said, hid what? Kate-"That funny looking hammer with the sword threw it". I looked & I just knew, out of Greek methology, I remembered. OMG! it's the Famed Hammer Sword of Thor!
I guess I better be a good Boy. One klunk on the head & a quick swipe & I'll bet I'm a goner :)
Igor say OOOooooooooo Igor need one of those mate!!! Igor say you can board a ship and repair at the same time!!!! Igor say SUPER NICE PIC mate !!!