The Fierce Harkaway

Cap'ain Valentine

Wanted Pirate

The Harkaway attacking the Grim Reaper

The dreaded Harkaway approaches the docks of Padres.
The Harkaway is the alleged name of Jolly Roger's flagship.
It is a three-masted war frigate. It is unknown where Jolly Roger first came into the vessel's possession, either raising it from the depths like many of his skeleton fleet or perhaps the ship simply became cursed like its ill-fated master.
Although the ship's sails are ragged and appear nonfunctional, the ship moves fast and stealthfully quiet, similar to the Black Pearl. The ship also has the ability to teleport to other places, emerging from supernatural fog and blue and green lightning. It is unknown if Jolly Roger uses his own powers to teleport it or if it is part of the ship's nature. It has been seen that the ship is armed with Firebrands, it is assumable it also fires Fury and Thunderbolt supernatural rounds.