The finding of Black Beard and The QAR


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It began with the Badbones family. The wise and immortal family of the fountain of youth. The father, of 13 generations of the family, Badbones, was the head leader. He was very brave, and an extremely skilled fighter. He passed down his fighting knowledge from generation to generation. I, Ben badbones, started the the 14th generation of the large family.
Badbones, still alive after 900 years since he drank from the fountain, taught me how to fight. I learned quickly, and soon was able to buy a great sword from the blacksmith.
It was not til 10 years after I had been fully trained that i had set sail with all the family generations.
We were a devastating crew, far above the power of any. ( Atleast anyone that we have heard of.)

It began one day we saw a huge bloom of smoke that we wanted to sail towards it to see what was happening. It appeared that a ship, that not even Badbones had ever seen, was sailing. Badbones ordered we go and fight them. So, we did.

Just as we were about to line up the cannons on the unknown ship, we saw cannonballs coming right for us. " TAKE COVER!" Badbones shouted. Instantaneously, we fired back. And in the midst of the battle you could see the men on the other boat. They looked like men but when we finally realized that we had encountered Queen Anne's Revenge, we knew what and who they were. Badbones told tales of the legendary Black Beard. We were so far, winning the battle. We threw hooks over to their ship, and boarded. Badbones and I were the first to make it on the ship. Raids of zombies were coming from all over the ship straight at the boarding crew members.

It wasn't til the first crew member to stab a zombie saw that they too were immortal with the Fountain of Youth. Black Beard and Badbones had an epic sword battle. Black beard saying, " so what now? We be 2 immortals with our immortal crews fighting each other?" Then just as Black Beard finished his sentence everyone stopped fighting. Badbones had thought a moment then said, "are offering us to be YOUR ally?" "Aye" said Black Beard. "Well..... we have an accord." said Badbones. "Gents, we are no longer battling, we are allies!" Black Beard said.

So, the 2 immortal ships sailed side by side, searching for any targets or threats.

Hope ye enjoyed :xbones: :xbones: :xbones: :xbones: :xbones: :xbones:


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:excited: You - Fountain of Youth finders - are filling up the earth if you are immortals! I thought the water was supposed to make you look and feel ageless, but not immortal ... Sounds kind of creepy to live with your great-great-great (do it 12 times) - grandfather ...

Anyways, you always have some imaginations, Ben! Interesting ...
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The Assassination Attempt Plans of the Assassin's Nest.
(Keep in mind this will be bases off of the old caves before the present catacombs now)
As The Queen Annes Revenge and the recently plundered Ship of the Line whom which Badbones called the USS Badbones, had dropped anchor at Padres Del Fuego, the 2 Captains began to negotiate on what they and their crews should face next. And later that evening they decided to break into The Catacombs. Deep in the caves of the volcano, the heart of Lord Beckett's greatest Assassins have plotted to take out Tortuga. Since the Assassins are greatly supplied and protected, they felt they would negotiate with Jolly Roger's skeleton armies that haunt over half of The Catacombs.
Badbones knew that deep in the cave of The catacombs lies a well organized map with 100s of destinations, plots, and commands that awaited to be ordered onto where the undead and the Eitc will attack. Although these 2 captains and their crews were immortal, a couple hits on them could possibly take away their immortality. Still they never feared death. As the captains kept talking how they were gonna get there, they realized that They would have to clear out the cave called Beckett's Quarry.
So, after finally finishing their talk after 4 hours in an old shack they gathered their crews and told them how they would get into The catacombs. After Badbones had got done explaining to his fearsome crew of nearly 60 fighters, a crewmen said that he had seen undead and that they never sleep. Badbones, troubled, said, "then we must Assault them during the day." Although it didn't matter whether day or night.. it was a cave with no sunlight, just torches and lava.



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The Attack on the Assassin's Nest

As the silent still night crept by the crews waited for morning to come. As it finally came they were armed and ready to go. Each crewmate have 2 swords, a pistol, a bayonet strapped to their back, and over 75 rounds of steel and silver shot ammo. The Captains traveled light, with holding 2 swords a pistol with 20 rounds of ammo and the maps that were stolen from a navy veteran in Fort Dundee a few days ago.​

They were set and ready for action as they stealthily made their way through the entrance cave. As they approached, they came across unsuspecting guards. They quickly and quietly took them out 1 by 1. Their were several different pathways and they had to split up the crews. Blackbeard's crew took the longer path which lead as a scenic route around the whole Quarry. Badbones' crew had just come to an area where there was lots of open space. Then suddenly, a Navy bloke yelled out, "INTRUDERS!" In less then 15 seconds there were at least 150 navy/Eitc bursting out of buildings. They stood and looked at each other for 10 seconds then an Eitc man yelled out "GET THEM!!!"​

The Badbones crew had been triple outnumbered. Each was fighting atleast 3 or 4 enemies. After swords clanging, guns firing, and even the screams of the injured had stopped, they met up with Blackbeard and his crew. Before they entered the Catacombs they stopped and rested. They may be immortal but they are not always fit for fighting like they have.​

Badbones and Blackbeard's crews finally made it into the Catacombs. Their were several enemies coming out of nowhere at them, but they didn't stand a chance. The 2 crews had made it through the first tunnel path when they encountered navy/Eitc fighting undead. They thought it would be the perfect time to attack them by surprise. So they hid behind some rocks got ready and just charged at everyone in sight. They had finished them quite easily.​

There many different path ways but the 2 crews decided to stick to the North part and not deal with the undead unless they came to them. They surprisingly didn't face many threats at all. But then, about 40 Eitc Assassins/Navy had come around the corner. The 2 crews happened to be standing on a dirt bridge with 2 deep fiery Chasms on both sides. However they had not noticed because they were too focused on the enemies blocking their path. Suddenly the unexpected came to play and an Eitc man had lit some gunpowder which lead to some barrels that were on what was left of the old dirt bridge. Confused, the crews watched as the fuse stopped at a barrel. All in once it exploded and 4 crewmen had been blow off their feet.​

As the 2 crews started to attack not knowing what the Eitc had done, they felt the ground shake under them. The bridge was starting to collapse. Badbones and run to the side which the Eitc had been at and his crew followed him. Blackbeard and his crew ran to the other side. As they ran the bridge had fallen under several crewmen from both crews down into the fiery abyss-like chasm. Only half of Blackbeards crew remained while Badbones hadn't lost as many. So Badbones and his remaining crew fought off the Eitc/Navy and rested next to the collapsed bridge.​
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