the forums has been the best thing for all guilds

Capten Blacksheep

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a couple of years ago while taking a break from ranking in the first strong guild contest i found myself on kingshead. i was just looking around and spotted a small group of spania ranking with the group of 7 navy guys. back then most guilds didn't like each other much. i called in our gm jeramaha hookwalker to see this. hook ( as i called him back then ) says this is great, lets mess with them. i pulled out my staff and started killing their enemies as soon as they came back leaving them no chance to get even one enemie for their group while hook danced a jig. needless to say they left after a short time. i now know this was very mean, but that was just how it was back in the day. now days i know a whole lot of guilds almost as well as i know my own guildies thanks to this great forum. it's good to see guilds playing cards togather and the many other thing they do now days. i can now see other guilds are just good people like us. i really enjoy their posts and like talking and getting to know them here on the forum. this is a great place to meet people and have fun.:flag:
Great comment Capt Blacksheep...this is a great forum! I have learned a lot from many of our fine people in this community....they are fun and caring people! I agree Jade....I want to meet up with all of you also.....everytime something gets planned...either times changes or something else happens! Would you like to plan a get together Jade or Capt?
I'm not an event planner, but if there are activities such as treasure hunt, triathlon, or just some guild parties celebrating whatever event they have, they could advertise it here (like Nathaniel Redhayes with his Caribbean Nightlife activities and Leo with his SVS). Or, "just because" activities would be great too. I was thinking that we should've had a "dress-up (read: costume)" party for Mardi Gras or Halloween (instead of buying standard/uniform costume from the the peddlers) ... I'm just not good at playing cards, so I passed the Poker Night ... :p
so many great guilds on the forums that i would like to spend some time with just doing what ever it is they do. differnt guilds do differnt events, would like to see first hand and join their fun for a few hours. i would think to make this happen would be for some of the guilds gms to invite the forum members to join them at a certian time, place, server for some plundering, sinking ships and island raids. life is good in the caribbean right now. no guild wars or other ugly things going on. enough gold and rum for everyone, it doesn't get any better that this. in the mean time i guess if i see a member of a guild i would like to visit, i'll just walk up and say " take me to your leader ".:flag:
On a different pirate, in a different guild several moons ago. we used to take turns going to and inviting different guilds to share piratey fellowship at invasions. That was a lot of fun and face-to-face meet and greets with many new people.

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