The Goldwrecker Legend

Have YOU Seen a Jack Goldwrecker in the lvl thirties or early forties?

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Once in the caribbean, there lived a nasty, horrible, pirate. He was sailing on a fishing boat when his wife gave birth to two children.:popcorn: Their names were James & Jack Goldwrecker. They grew up under their father's influence, looting, sailing, and fishing in which they were gifted with those skills.
The father, Solomon Goldwrecker killed his wife, and abandoned his two children. In time James joined the Royal Navy, and was rumored to be dead. Many people now believe this to be a lie. Only one commonly known member of the goldwrecker family tree is now believed to be alive. Some have claimed they have witnessed james and solomon out and a about, and that was their last witness of their life...Some say that Jack has a wife, Kat Goldwrecker...Jack now is Lvl 39, GM of Pirates' Last Hope. Beware of them...:fight: