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This is a continuation of "The gospel of GM Carlos", and goes into details about what happened with Griffin, and the story continues to expand, how one of the pirates that was to be a founder had left the hopes in limbo for a while.

So Griffin, seems as he was going to be part of the gaspel, but he said he couldn't because he had a few friends that would cause problems because of it.

So, time passed, and the guild grew 100% fast. Everyone was basic player except for officer Jack (one of the founding fathers) and officer Valeria, a level 33.

Then at the time 4 days into the this adventure and we have about 120 members in the guild. It was just crazy how fast it grew. Then that day someone joined, and that classical tragedy occurred - our guild was infiltrated into and half of our members were removed.

I was lucky enough to be online at the time, and was able to control the situation before it got worse. Though that was a lesson that was learned, not to promoted anyone without their merits.

So after this minor setback, we continued to operate, and grew rather quickly, everything that was happening these days was only getting the guild to grow, not only in size but also in experience.

After the first month, we added our first rules, and these same rules we uphold today, in addition to a few that have been added over time.

What has made these rules work for us, is that we didn't copy anyone, we just added them as they were needed.

It wasn't until 3 months later that Griffin made it into the guild, at that point the guild was already full fledged, and he was never an officer.

At current times, Griffin resides with Spania, and it is currently a member, though he is not very active.
ok, found part one, and always, knew you were a smarty, in the computer department,....and as for being banned for bad words, i can believe that, dont know who is worse, me or you,...or is it you or me?..:oops:..hehe, built a strong guild from what i call a do or die attitude, one in which people are willing to follow....who also, have that same, do or die attitude, what makes spania strong. :fight:
sad to see Griffin not be as active as you Treasurer. i think that would be awesome to meet at least one founding Spania member that you knew when you first started the guild. i bet in those days everything was like Christmas as for the threat from within, i remember back in Clashing Titans, when there was an individual going around guild crashing. that being said how you may ask do you guild crash? Well he would join a guild get promoted to officer then start deleting everybody the he would quit the guild and move on.We got wind of it but he still hit the Titans. See he had many pirates. But we all know how fast news travels in the Potc community it didn't take long for everybody to triangulate who this person was, and subsequently put him on notice. Everybody joined up against him by continuisly banning him :D so i agree you must have had a journey indeed Treasurer and as i said before with a very short learning curve gm wise.
Awesome Story