The Gospel | Diamond On The Rough


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This is a continuation of "The gospel of GM Carlos", and goes into details about what happened with a friend Diamond of the rough.

I first met Diamon on Padres Del Fuego, you can say she was one of my first friends. I was a level 17 when I met her, and I was guildless.

I remember I was AFK, and she passed by, and I said hello. Then she surprisingly responded at the fact that I was AFK and talking. Since then we became friends. She was in a guild name The Price Of Honor ran buy Sercees. A few months later, The Price of Honor was no more and Diamon came to Spania. She became an officer at one point with her stronger pirate Jeanne.

Diamond and I continued to be great friends, until one day she had a problem with QuestLover, QuestLover was another member pirate that was in Spania.

I tried to solve the altercation, but Diamond was too upset, and triggered her to leave the guild. Diamon would not accept staying if QuestLover didn't get some sort of punishment for her behavior.

Don't give me wrong QuestLover was a great pirate she was, hard working pirate, independent, and she was one of our best working pirates in fact. But it seemed that for some reason she seemed to have more altercations and problems with other members.

As for Sercees, was interested in the ranking business, and there is where he went. He left the responsability of being a GM, and joined Meltdown, to help them get on the boards. Serceed joined one of his pirates to Spania and he is a good friend of mine.

For QuestLover, she also had a pirate name QueenQuest, that she introduced to her account while she was in Spania, she mastered that pirate very quickly though in the future we continue to experience setbacks, from time to time; One time she had an altercation with Johnny Warvane, and Italian mystical pirate that wonders the Caribbean. He was an ex member of the Savvy Mafia, and he is quite a remarkable fella, you don't want to mess with him.

QuestLover had been a friend of mine since when I first played, for the first time. Though I had lost sight of her until my return I continued to see her from time to time. She and her daughter were wonderful and helped our guild a-lot. Though when we checked the balance of stability, it turned out she was paying really good with her pirate inspiration and determination as well as contributing member of the guild with her works and collaboration, but she was charging was expensive as well. We were paying with the price of you could say, yes drama.

I felt really bad about the whole situation, but decisions needed to be made, and QuestLover after the problem with Johnny had to leave.

Last I heard about QuestLover is that she ended up in a number of different guilds though haven't heard back from her in a while, a great pirate she is, even though it came with a price tag.

As for Diamon, she continues to be upset with me saying I choose QuestLover over her, I never thought that had happened, all the intention was to calm things down. But I feel bad I lost a friend though life goes on.