The highlight of your POTCO life

Buddy Buckles

Hi, everyone! I just wanted to ask you all what you think the shining moment of your time on POTCO was. If you can't think of anything just post a comment on one good moment of your time on this wonderful mourned game.

My moment was when I was asked if I wanted to join the Guild called Black Scorpion. I accepted, and quickly made my first online friends in my life. (If any fellow Scorpions read this, give a shutout to me.) The guild master, Cesar, was such a great guy. It didn't matter what important quest he was doing, if one of us called out to him for help, he would tp right away. Ah, good times. WELL, I told my moment, now I am interested to here yours. No holding back! :ahoy:

Shamus The Brute

For me, POTCO was never about the experience of looting for hours on end in the hope of obtaining some elaborate famed or legendary weapon.:vader: While I did enjoy and respect that aspect of the game, from the get-go I was a "quest" player whom was basically content with immersing myself within the experience of the POTCO world. Therefore, a significant highlight of mine (I have 'many') involved the completing of the Black Pearl story quest as that thing took like...FOREVER to complete, lol.

Another highlight of mine include when Shamus (and I believe my 'first' pirate) turned notoriety level 30. The reason? Because I desperately wanted to own and toy around with the staff as well as begin the Raven's Cove quest.

Other highlights of mine include:
  • the personal achievement of becoming ADMIRAL in SVS (the hard, honest way; I absolutely loved to privateer/SVS)
  • mastering my pirate
  • becoming GM of my own guild; Kraken Coconuts
  • meeting people from across the world and the US
  • joining this forums
*No doubt, POTCO was a "unique" game (from beginning to end) and I don't think that I will ever find another game again to replace it within me heart. :xbones:

Buddy Buckles

Aye, Shamus, I agree. Even if another remake (Pirates Online Rewritten) does come out eventually, it will never be totally the same. The journey, the ways we all did the quest and joined guilds, none of those good times will be 100% equal to our past POTCO experiences.


Wanted Pirate
The Highlight's of my potco life was when I made the guild Stolen Hart's! and met my awesome friends and when I helped people find the brights, dark black, famed & legendary they wanted.

Mark Scurvyfox

:swashbuckler: POTCO was an amazing game, no doubts! :swashbuckler:

The best thing to me, is that I have met so many crazy people out there that I will never forget. You are considered as a 'virtual' family to me. Thanks to Jonehhh boy, I joined the Dark Archive guild on May 18, 2013. That was among the best choices that I have ever made. Another favorite moment of mine was when I joined this community. I myself, will continue to visit forums daily, checking what is going on. It is my honor to be part of this community and I will do my best to assist anyone who is in need of my help!

Thank you for all the great moments you had offered me! :cheers:

Bobby Flat Foot

Pirate Lord
I think the highlight of my POTCO career was when I first started playing. I had no friends, was running around with little idea of what I was doing, trying to complete quests when I got invited to a little guild called, "The Guardians." Now, I know there have been numerous guilds under that name, but this particular one was amazing. They just improved my overall experience with the game, and I became really good friends with them.

I think it was around... hmm.. say, level 20 I decided to break from the game. I ended up staying gone a lot longer than expected, I think around a year. I finally picked the game again only to find my beloved guild, had gone inactive. I stayed in the guild for a few days just to see if any familiar faces would pop up, nothing. Everyone had suddenly disappeared, and I was alone once again. (They did have a small "forum" like website, which I found left inactive too. I have since lost all contact with them, but they will continue to live in my memory)

I spent the next few levels guild hopping, I couldn't find anything that stuck me as well as "The Guardians" had. I began to feel like a lost cause, and just stayed out of guilds for a while, that was until I think a friend suggested I joined this cute little guild called "Masters & Skulls." I got a warm welcome, and started talking to everyone. It felt... right. I stayed and continued to talk and have fun, and eventually "Masters & Skulls" became my home until the end.

Well... now that I read that, that was more of a story about my "guild" experience but, guilds were what made the game fun, and social, right? Oh well, I enjoyed writing this anyway.

Shamus The Brute

I think the highlight of my POTCO career was when I first started playing. I had no friends, was running around with little idea of what I was doing, trying to complete quests...
This sounds exactly like my own experience when I first began to play POTCO. :cool:
One important lesson (that I had to learn) is that POTCO was meant to be played with others (yeah I know; it was a MMO right). :duh:
But as a noob player never having played any other MMO game before, well it took me awhile to understand that I actually needed help and the assistance of others in order to accomplish things and to succeed, with my first pirate. So POTCO, in this way, taught me a life lesson which reminded me of that familiar cliché that states that: "no man or woman, is an island."


Tony TPang

Probably some of the better highlights of my POTCO experience include becoming an Admiral in SVS with the wonderful help from my guild and friends. Helping @Captain Rai master his pirate. Making a guild of my own with @Gerard Rigpratt. And after the guild eventually fell, for a number of reasons, joining Masters and Skulls, which was my home until the end, with a few bumps in the road, of course.

In the end, I found it wasn't looting until I drop, and finding all the weapons and clothes that I wanted, but it was the community that made my POTCO experience incomparable to that of any other game.

Bort Greasegorb

Pirate Lord
Best parts of my POTCO career? I've got plenty.
  1. The sheer excitement of finding my first famed (Lucky Charm, actually isn't all that good, haha.)
  2. Going on a massive mystery in my 40's to help some guy find his ex-girlfriend on POTCO. I even found out that my old guildmaster had relations with her!
  3. Joining the Dark Archive and learning more about looting.
  4. Every legendary find made my heart skip a beat. Or maybe even two. (Especially my breakthrough with my alt on thunderspine. That was when I proved to myself that I had some luck in looting.)
  5. My brother and I having a blast messing around with Borf Snortcob on Outcast Isle. We have filmed footage of it, such as when we freaked out over a stump suddenly teleporting right in front of us.
  6. Finding the last few mandatory things I wanted (Bright Red Jacket, Grand Blunderbuss, Blade of the Abyss) within the last few weeks of the game and re-proving myself to my guild by helping them more often.
Overall, I had a ball on POTCO. I hope to see you all on Pirates Online Rewritten! (I also have the chance to learn from my mistakes...)

Savage Mongrel

Sea Legs
The friends I made will always be the most memorable part of my POTCO experience. Next would be when I became competitive in SVS, changed the game for me for the better, and I never looked back.